The Last Few Months- Part 1

Alright now!
I said I'd get you caught up and I meant it. So here's the end of 2012, in photos, to the best of my ability...
Hang on, it's about to get crazy!

So back in September, we took an epic trip out to the West Coast to run the Disneyland Half Marathon!
We ran 13.1 miles, visited theme parks and studios with my kick booty sister and brother in law and got to stay with my best friend and enjoy the awesomeness that is LA!

Then, at the beginning of October, the person and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary...

And of course, there was the new home's first Halloween-
(This is the person's favorite holiday...)
Why yes, I did make these awesome decorations. Thank you for asking!

And finally, December!! That glorious time that is my favoritest ever in the world. 
In the world.
Most wonderful time of the year 2012 included a trip to St. Augustine-

Then I had my 1st Annual Holiday Soiree, which also acted as my house warming AND the greatest White Elephant there ever was.

 Oh, and that's Alf the Elf... play nice and maybe I'll have a Christmas in July extravaganza where you get to see the awesome inappropriateness that was his December....


And to wrap things up, the magic that was my Christmas decorations. My person helped to make sure the first Christmas in my new house was absolutely perfect.

Giant Griswold Family Christmas sized tree and all.

There it is! The end of my 2012. Not too shabby, huh?
I can't say enough how lucky I am to have been surrounded by so much love and to have had a year filled with so many incredible memories.

2013 is off to a phenomenal start too... but we'll get around to that next time.

You know... it feels great to be getting back into the swing of things. If I didn't do these catch ups, I'd feel like I could never sit down to a new post because I'd always be thinking- 
"Oh wait! But I never told them about this other thing!" 
This allows me to fast forward over all that and get back to the crafty, cooking-y, home improvement-y, fashion-y goodness that is crowding up my brain!

So until then...


Angela K said...

Love all the pictures! My husband and I let our Disneland passes expire to save some money and I seriously MISS that place. It's my favorite place on earth.

Your Christmas tree and Halloween decorations are outstanding! My two favorite holidays. :)

Anonymous said...

This is a test...