2013?!? Here goes nothing...

It can't possibly be a week into March already...
I say this every year but I mean it more each time- 
How the hell does time go so much faster with each passing year?!?

We may only be on month 3 of the year, but there's already plenty to get caught up on-

Happy New Year! Even though everyone has to work for New Years around here, my sister and I still managed to meet up for about the last hour leading to midnight and even FaceTime w/ our Parents! 
May not be glamorous, but a great way to ring in 2013!

My sister ran her first full marathon!!! Thats right, none of that 13.1 baby stuff- she went 26.2 miles!
And I met her in each of the Disney Parks to cheer her on and give her orange slices to keep her going.

Ohhh the flu... I got it and it was awful! Thanks to my lovely asthma issues, I got bronchitis on top of that.
Ain't nobody got time for that.

Valentines Day with my person... We both had to work (as always) but it was still perfect. I woke up to a 2 CD mix tape waiting in my car, got a Magic Bullet, and was taken to an amazing Cuban restaurant for a late dinner.
And he hid Valentine's lollipops all over the house... Im still finding them and it's been a month.

And then there's the highlight of my year so far...
I ran my 4th Half Marathon and it happened to be on my 26th birthday.
I can't think of a better way to celebrate another year of life.

 One of my best friends even came to town to run her first half marathon ever!!! And she kicked booty!

 Of course theres this guy- who loves me even when I have 13.1 miles of sweat and grossness caked on me.
I'm pretty lucky.

And I wrapped up my birthday with an incredible dinner, overlooking Cinderella's Castle, with some of my favorite people in the world.

...Is this real life?

So there it all is! What a crazy start to 2013, right?
But now that we're completely caught up, I can't wait to see what other goodness can start popping up on here. There's a few posts already in the works, so stick around. I know you'll all love it!

Here's to making sure 26 is the best year yet...

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Val Fox said...

I can't even imagine running a half marathon or a whole one! Congrats to you all! (Happy belated birthday too!)