Oh, I'm sorry, was this my blog?

Miss me?

It seemed like Cup 'a Hot Chocolate was done forever... Merely a page (or 10) in the book of my early 20s and nothing more. I got so tired of all my whiney- "What am I doing? Where does this blog fit in? What can I write about that will appeal to the married/mom/crafty bloggers out there in the blogdom?"
I think I failed to acknowledge the following I somehow got in the short life of this little gem I called/call my blog.
Somewhere out there, there is a group of readers that care about what I have to say-

(for real this time)

I've been lurking a bit on some of your blogs and I realize I have some updating to do around here. Things are looking a little crowded and I'll get around to clearing them up.
The important thing is to get posts back up!

Tomorrow, I shall put together an end of last year round up- Get you all caught up so we can move forward and forget about that giant blog void that was the last few months.
Shall we proceed?

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