Possibly my first AND last vlog ever- The Accent Vlog...

Thanks to the always lovely Ruthie over at The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart, I got the urge to try out this vlog thing. *My person should never have to work crazy hours because this is what I resort to...* This video seems to show otherwise, but I really can't imagine rambling on to camera by myself.

Enter Accent Vlog!

The task of an accent vlog gave me something specific to talk about so that I didn't feel so self conscious but had an excuse to try out this whole movement. It's a sort of way to just kinda laugh at each other and our strange ways of talking. Most all of us have some nuances of an accent and it's funny to hear them all come out. 

I think it's interesting to match an actual voice with all the posts. Now you can all see why I still get carded at rated R movies even though I'm in my mid-twenties! I'm going to pretend I only sound funny in videos and not in real life...

For those of you that want to play along- Just make a video of yourself saying this list of words and then answering this list of questions:

Aunt, Route, Wash, Oil, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, Sure, Data, Ruin, Crayon, Toilet, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Spitting image, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Pajamas, Caught

  • What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
  • What is the bug that when you touch it, it curls into a ball?
  • What is the bubbly carbonated drink called?
  • What do you call gym shoes?
  • What do you say to address a group of people?
  • What do you call the kind of spider that has an oval-shaped body and extremely long legs?
  • What do you call your grandparents?
  • What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
  • What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?
  • What is the thing you change the TV channel with?

I know you're all so excited to watch this. Sorry I rambled... But suck it up and watch it all! :)

Ok, your turn!! Get on it! And then send me the link so I can go have fun on your page! :) Can't wait to laugh at hear all of you!


Puppet Stuffing said...


elisabeth | thimbles + things said...

you're adorable :)


Angie Lee said...

oh my god. you are hilarious!! miss you!!

Ruthie Hart said...

okay you couldn't be any cuter/prettier on this vlog!! I always change the way I say data too!!!!! You seriously sound like you could read books for a book on CD! Or be a teacher! xoxo

Deidre said...

I did this several months ago with my Australian boyfriend to see how we said things differently. Because we say A LOT differently, but it didn't turn out so different with these words and questions.

I loved the video!

cssolomon said...

LOL- the accent vlog was awesome! That is so awesome that you work for "the mouse" most of all that you love your job. I will have to think about doing a accent vlog...I don't think I have an accent, but living in the midwest almost my whole life has left me with a partial twang on some specific words, lol.

Kate said...

haha I love watching this things! You are hilarious. Here's mine! http://katelynbrooke88.blogspot.com/2011/09/accent-vlog.html

Mrs. Kee said...

Ok so after you commented on my blog today I came over, became a new follower (yay!), and have been reading through random posts on your blog and I got to this one! (that's why my comment is so late) Anyways, you are too funny and adorable!! And just to answer your question, some people call tp-ing a house rolling or wrapping a house. I grew up with all three.

I love that you work for Disney. I grew up doing a lot of musical theater but that slowed down when I went to college so now I'm living vicariously through you! Also, my husband and I went to Disneyworld for our honeymoon and so I just feel a kinship with the place!

I really love your blog and I'm having fun wasting time at work reading it! YAY! Have a happy Wednesday!