August ain't so bad...

I cannot believe August is almost over...

It's been one hell of a month people! Lots of stuff going on and no sign of it stopping any time soon. It's crazy to think this year is going by so quickly. 
I'm incredibly blessed to- 
*work at a job I love (even if I have days where I want to turn to crying kids in the audience and stop the show till they shut up), 
*have a ridiculously loving and caring person (even if every once in a blue moon he makes me want to rip my hair out ok, let's be serious I make him want to rip his hair out... I have no idea how he's so patient all the time! And I thought I was good!), 
*and have the most considerate and attentive friends and family a girl could ask for (even though half the time I'd rather relax at home with my kitties!)

Point is- this month, like the year so far, knock on wood, has been chock full of smiles. I thought I'd share some of the highlights of the month so far. 

1. No matter what he says, my person LOVES my our cat Rusty... it always makes me smile seeing them love on each other...

2. I had a little boy (who I solely approached during show because he kept picking his wedgie and I thought is was hilarious) tell me "This was the best stage thing I ever saw!!" Gahh my heart!

3. I started a new job!! I'll be putting up more on this later, but basically I get to have a blast a couple nights a week, singing and dancing while tourists eat dinner. Drunk guests think I'm hilarious!

4. I finally bought my camera! :) Man, I love that thing! 

5. I started Insanity... I don't know if any of you have tried it but this workout program is very appropriately named! But- I'm officially halfway to my weight loss goal! I really wanted to make it all the way before the cruise but I'm going to celebrate my progress so far and keep thinking positively that I'll finish dropping these extra pounds.

 6. Got to celebrate my Broder's birthday!! Nothing says "you're another year older" like breakfast at Cracker Barrel and drinks at an Irish Pub!

I love us...

7. Thanks to my couponing efforts, I've been to the grocery store maybe a third as often! Actually... I kind of miss it. I jump at the chance to go to Publix when we run out of milk- I am so special!

8. We met our newest baby- Bentley! Just 2 weeks before we bring him home...

9. Finally- I just took the step over 50 followers! :) Just in this past month I went from maybe 8 to over 50. Sure it's a baby step in comparison to some other blogs out there- but this is my journey. I'm so glad you guys are following along and I could not be happier when I get comments from you all. You guys rock and thank you for making this month the most exciting of my blogging adventure.

Just because I like you guys so much, I decided to start giving back. I'm working on a little giveaway for next month, but for now I've added a new page to the blog- Freebies. So far, you can find the recipe cards I made a while back when I finally got around to organizing all my recipes! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do...

How's the month going for all of you? 


Laura said...

I would say your August sounds fantastic! Congrats on the weight loss and the new job and the puppy and the followers :)

I miss Publix! I've always had one growing up but NY doesn't have anything close :(

I love when my blog gets a new follower because then I feel like my story is that much more real when others are reading it

Yvonne said...

Awesome! Your August sounds fabulous :)

I had 51 followers for 1 day. Then one of them stopped following me LOL! I'll never crack the elusive 50 for more than a few hours!

Joelle said...

Um, your blog is freaking adorable.

As is your new dog. Congratulations!


Deidre said...

What a sweet puppy and your kitty is so cute! Thank you for making my SITS day a special one! And I am totally loving your blog :)

Congratulations on making it to 50 followers (and more). I still cheer whenever I get a new one!

I don't follow people, but consider yourself bookmarked :)