Window shopping spree- A Smorgasboard!

Another Thursday... Hooray!

Before I get to the good stuff (who doesn't love a free for all window shopping spree?!) I just want to touch on a little something.

This morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Bleh! I don't like when people say this and put negative energy out there! This happens from time to time though, and I think it's almost necessary so we're forced to sort of take a minute to press our reset button. We often get so caught up in thinking or obsessing over the most random, minuscule  things, we lose sight of the amazing things happening in our present day to day life. I've been counting down to vacation, looking forward to bringing home Bentley, just constantly thinking about what's next, that I wasn't appreciating right now. So I took a deep breath this morning and reminded myself. I'm so blessed to have the life I have and the people in it that I do. I never mean to take it for granted but we all do sometimes. There's no way to be perfect in this and I'm not going to pretend I won't probably get back caught up in the dumb stuff in an hour. But right now, in this moment, I'm grateful for what I've got- and life couldn't be better. :)

Now that the gush is out of the way-
Window Shopping Spree time!!

I'm not gonna lie, I sat down at my computer today and had NO CLUE what I'd want this week. So I just started randomly searching things. I think that's apparent in the random arrangement of this weeks shtuff!

1. A Boatload of awesome quilting fabric- I am OBSESSED with the Fat Quarter Shop and I almost always find exactly what I'm looking for when I stop by their site. Even if I have no clue that I'm looking for it! Right now, I really want to get cracking on a Halloween quilt and some cozy quilts for our furry children!
2. Another Fossil bag?!- Is it that apparent that I love Fossil bags? I was in the store the other day and had to seriously restrain myself while the person bought a watch. This is the Weekender... Yes, I would love to galavant on weekend trips with that on my arm!
3. Cute peeler set- My sole purpose for wanting this set is to make zucchini "pasta"... I think that's reason enough! Italian food with limited carbs? Not an issue when it includes one of my favorite veggies! Bring it on!
4. Bow tie dog collarEEEEeeeek, Squeeee and all sorts of other "How flipping adorable is that" sounds. Too bad this was vetoed about as soon as the page loaded... P.S. You're no fun anymore! Bentley would ROCK a bow tie. And I wouldn't make him wear it all the time! Only when he needs to be fancy. Duh! At least I'm not trying to put sweaters or bling on him!! (No offense meant to those of you that may regularly dress your pets... whoops...)
5. Ball Mason Jars- Random, you say? Have you been on pinterest lately?!? There's probably a zillion different projects begging to be made that call for mason jars. I have none, therefore buying some would only be logical!
6. Martha Stewart Craft Hutch- I LOVE craft storage. Stick Martha Stewart's name on it and I love it even more! Put a chalkboard on the door- my goodness, could it get any better?!? Amazing!

There you have it my lovelies! This weeks ever so random objects of my affection. Any of them strike your fancy?

You should know, I did do a fair amount of actual shopping this week- solely vacation based! I'm saving it all for the trip but next week there may be a special Window Shopping Spree- vacation edition in preparation to gear up!

Until next time!


Sarah said...

visiting from 20sb and now following! the bag is superrrr cute. but i also kind of have an obsession with purses. your blog is adorable!


Angie Lee said...

tell the person that his sister said Bentley would love that bowtie, and that makes 2 votes against one. and yes...i do too get a vote. cause i'm the big sister, that's why.

Angie Lee said...

oh also, i just went to the bowtie link...and i'm not sure if i love the collar, or the dog model better! omg. i just want to kiss his face off!

Anonymous said...

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Saretta said...

Hi, visiting from SITS! Love that bag!

jenny said...

Visiting from the Lady Blogger Tea Party. Love the look of the craft hutch!

carol anne @ soapboxville said...

I'm visting from the LBS Tea Party. I love that bow tie. Wonder if I can find one for my cat? Snowy'd look cute all dolled up. LOL

I read a few more posts on your page. Congrats on your soon-to-come-home-to-you puppy, he's adorable.

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Love that peeler set! So cute! And like you said, Italian food with limited carbs... winner! :)