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Greetings from my new and ever lovely iPad! It may not be an iPad 2 but it's mine and I'm mildly but healthily obsessed with it. This is my first attempt to post from this bad boy so let's see how it goes. I'm using the app BlogPress and so far so good.

Any hoot- today's post is brought to you by the completion of my new recipe box. I was inspired to take on this fun little project as I surfed Etsy looking at lovely little kitchen gems. I quickly fell in love with the handcrafted recipe boxes and was about a heartbeat away from ordering one for myself. Then I started thinking about some of the fun crafting goodies I had seen recently at Jo-Ann's and I thought, I can do this. And so I took a little trip to my neighborhood JA, pulled out some of my own paper crafting supplies and got to work!

Ideally, I had been looking for a much smaller recipe box. In the end, I went with a CD/DVD organizer box and figured "imagine all the delicious goodies I'll be able to fit in here!" Although it takes up more space on the kitchen counter, I like to imagine my kitchen space will just continue to get better from here on out... A girl can be optimistic.

I started by covering the box itself in my paper selection from a beautiful retro scrapbooking pad. I secured that in place and sponged the edges with distress ink because handcrafted items just look a little more interesting with added touches like that. I added more fun details that I also cut out from this scrapbooking pad and then drenched the whole box in a conservative amount of mod podge.

For the inside of my box, I cut out dividers (which I also distressed) and added labels that I printed out myself.

All this is good and well, but what's a new recipe box without some new recipe cards? I'm glad you asked. The whole project would have been incomplete had I not gone ahead and designed and printed brand new cards. They were a fairly simple design I threw together on photoshop. I printed them on card stock I had cut down to 4" x 5.5" so they'd slip in and out of the box easily. I haven't filled them in yet but there's a certain excitement that comes with having all these blank recipe cards just waiting to be filled out. I also included extra space to record where the recipe came from.

So there it is! My DIY recipe box. It's a colorful and happy addition to my kitchen and I smile a little more when I see it because I made it myself. Next on my to-DIY list- a new apron! Needless to say there will be pictures to come. Until then, here's a sneak peak at the fabric.

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