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Yearns to rub elbows with the creative blog big wigs... *Sigh* If only! For now, I fill my Flipboard app with all the gorgeous blogs so I can keep drooling over them. I'm hoping to keep learning and keep it growing until I feel like my little blog fits in with the ranks of those DIY queens. Every now and then I have a day where I bounce from blog to blog and just get so inspired I want to explode. So, I went to Barnes & Noble and I bought a book about blogging.

Blogging for Bliss

We shall see how much of a help this book is. Seemed cute and a lot of the blogs I follow are featured inside, so that seemed promising. There's a whole list of other books I want to look into and I'll be sure to list those here as I get around to jumping into them.

As much as DIY-ing is a money saving and potentially money making adventure, you need to put a little money into it before you reap those benefits. In my imaginary world where I have an endless supply of funds to blog and craft to my hearts content, I would be ordering these things today-

The Silhouette Digital Cutter is absolutely ridiculous. Not only does it cut paper and vinyl, it also cuts fabric. My head spins with the crafting and quilting possibilities! Someday little magic machine, someday!

This letterpress machine makes me wish I was crafting for my sisters wedding all over again. I'm fairly sure between this gem and the silhouette, no one would get a store bought card from me ever again!

And finally, the Nikon D3100 makes my mouth water with the thought of having gorgeous pictures on my blog and obviously, life in general. Yes, my sister is the one with the eye for photography but why shouldn't I have a kick butt camera too?!

Until I make a little more money and can save for completely unnecessary purchases, I'll click these links and dream away! But who knows- I'm only a couple months from my "Congratulations on finishing a contract/starting a new one" gift to myself (a tradition I started to commemorate my accomplishments). Maybe one of those treasures will find a new home!

Until then, cheers!
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