Dear Moleskine...

Please stop coming out with adorable journals that I can't help but be obsessed with.

I was unreasonably bored sitting at home at 10 am this morning and decided to go walking around my favorite outdoor shopping center. As my trips here often do, I ended up at the Barnes & Noble. Up to this point, I found it a positive experience today that I'm terrible at committing to buying things. That abruptly changed when I walked by a display for new Moleskine Passions journals. I am a sucker for Moleskine. As much as I adore keeping track of my life on my iPad and iPhone, my heart goes pitter patter when I have a new journal and pen in my hands! I doubt I'll ever get over that.

Today's purchase was a new health journal. What goes better with a great cleanse than a new health journal... Right? Even if you don't approve, I couldn't be more excited about this new addition to my ridiculous amount of journals. The line also includes journals that track favorite recipes, books, movies, pets, gardening, music, style, babies, traveling and wines. Just try telling me none of those strike an interest!

Jealous? Buy one too!!
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