Did I mention I love my job?

Because I'm mildly obsessed with it and it seems to come up very frequently. Since the new show opened I find myself checking youtube regularly. I think it's hilarious when I come across the videos others put up of their Disney trips, and hey- that girl looks very familiar! :) Here's one I came across that has the whole show and so many fun little nuances. I'm normally really critical when I see these videos, but this is just fun!

Every day I go into work and I come across extraordinary kids that make me fall in love with what I do all over again. They see this show for the first time and to them, there's nothing more incredible than that on stage experience with some of their favorite characters. This particular weekend, I met a little girl that loved the show so much, she came back to watch it again the next day. She spent the entirety of the show either mimicking what I did or waving to me. Oh my heart!
Dear sister, have a baby now! Thanks so much, Your Broder.

Until I become the worlds greatest aunt, I will enjoy playing with other peoples' pea sized family members!


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