My Great Spring Cleanse...

I recently came across this website called Social Workout and while Facebook is all the social networking I can handle, it inspired me! Along with all the other healthy lifestyle tracking and friend linkups it offers, starting today, members were encouraged to sign up and participate in the Great Spring Cleanse. The idea was to devote a whole month to living healthier by tracking it on the site. I logged on and looked into it but decided to do this on my own. I took what I saw on the site and made a few tweaks.

To be completely honest, the master cleanse is way off the deep end for me and the idea of even a 4 day veggie and fruit juice cleanse is way too much. So what are a few goals I can commit to and actually stand a chance of sticking to for a month? I've been dieting for about a month now but counting calories isn't exactly the gateway to a healthier lifestyle. After thinking a good while about it, here's what I came up with-
*Drink 3 bottles of water a day/ Drink predominantly JUST water
*Workout at least 4 times a week
*No fast food!
*Eat more organic foods
*Floss daily (I confess I'm terrible at this)
*Sleep 8 hours a night
*Blog daily

So there it is! My next month in a nutshell. I figure if I'm blogging daily it'll keep me honest and engaged in my goal! I've saved a little money so I'm heading to Whole Foods after work to just snoop around and buy a few organic goodies to try out. Also on today's agenda, a quick 5k run. I'm drinking water as I type and no fast food yet to speak of. A floss and a good nights sleep are projected for later on so it seems as though day 1 is sure to be a success.

On a side note- the BlogPress app is fantastic so far. Pictures don't upload in as good quality as I'd like but they're decent enough for what I need. I'm very pleased with it and plan to keep posting from my iPad via this app.
Until tomorrow- cheers!

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