Glass half full...

And so Day 2 begins. Yesterday was a fantastically full day with a lovely shift at work and a couple of great news phone calls. I thought to myself, if this is at all telling of what the rest of the month holds in store, I can't wait! I successfully checked off all of my boxes in my great spring cleanse spreadsheet and I even made great progress on my new kitchen apron. I went to bed with a smile on my face.

Today started off great! I had company for a little breakfast, made all my snacks for my longer than usual work day, and felt ready to face the world. With this bright eyed bushy tailed attitude, I got to my car only a couple minutes late to head to work. That would, of course, be the optimal time for my car to decide not to start. I tried to fight it but I was instantly stressed and the tension took over my next to perfect mood. I called on my person and of course he came to my rescue and got me to work with plenty of time to spare. Despite that knight in shining armor bit, I still felt high strung and stressed for the next few hours. Why does this happen?

I had to forcibly inform myself that this was not the best way to spend day 2 of my spring cleansing experience. Things were going so well and life is gooder than good- hold on to that instead. So I did. Simple as that. The remainder of my day is proving to be just as lovely as Day 1 because of it. I had come across some coworkers later on in the day and as they asked me how I was doing, I had no other response for them aside from "great!"

In celebration of this mini victory for optimism, I thought I'd share an adorable buy I came across a while back. I've never committed to buying it but the idea of it continues to make me smile.

Courtesy of one of my favorite novelty gift sites, Fred Flare. Who wouldn't love a daily reminder to be so playfully optimistic? I invite all of you to adopt this let go and hold the happy mentality. Enjoy friends! Tomorrow is another day. Dear Mr. Triple A man- you'll be hearing from me in the morning!
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