Oh my Janus!

After a little research (I really get sad that I don't make it a point to learn more ever since I graduated), I learned that the word January comes from the Roman god Janus- god of gates, doors, beginnings, and ends of time. Maybe this was common knowledge but this was new and exciting news to me. How stupidly fitting. Perhaps those guys that established life before we knew it actually knew what they were talking about. There's something so comforting about closing off 2010 and starting a year that has no recollection of the year that came before it. It just grabbed the baton and kept moving forward and whether I like it or not, I moved forward with it. Luckily, I happen to love it.

I find that resolutions have a tendency of, how do I put this, sucking the giant lollipop. They seem next to impossible to begin and hardly ever last further than February. This year I'm going to set up my resolutions differently. I'm going with short term goals one at a time. As I feel I've sufficiently fulfilled one, I'll move on to the next. And so, without further ado, I give you, my first resolution of 2011- To successfully complete the Princess Half Marathon on February 27th. At the moment Im extremely hopeful but I realize my confidence may waiver during these next couple of months. I have a new pair of running shoes, some very fancy running socks, and an adorable new ipod nano to help me get started.

So here we go 2011. I'm grabbing that baton and going forward full steam ahead. I learned so much about myself and life last year that I can't even imagine all the incredible things this year has in store for me. I'm blessed beyond reason and thankful beyond words. I'm not at all where I thought I would be a year ago today, but I would not change that for anything in the world. Im precisely where I'm meant to be with the people I'm meant to be with- and there is something so very comforting about that. So I didn't maintain my crazy weight loss from last year... oh well. There are much worse things in life. I had a more important journey to take and now I'm all the better for it. I'm a lucky, lucky girl. I hope everyone else takes the optimism boost from Janus and kick starts something incredible this month. It's a freebie chance to start over, what could be better? I for one, cannot wait.

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