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It's a big day in the world of happy. I haven't posted in a while and I probably should've spread this one out amongst a few posts, but- I hardly ever do what I "probably should do." I feel I should point out the most obvious first- Cup a Hot Chocolate got a facelift! Yes, after a whole year of not being used with the same logo and occasional background change (courtesy of random template makers out there in cyberspace), it was time for a renovation. A clean, fresh start. I designed it all on photoshop last night when I couldn't sleep (which I will get to in a second) and now it's up for everyone's viewing pleasure. I hope it makes you all smile as much as it does for me.

2nd dose of happy- I ran 10 miles for the first time in my life.

Now, I'm well aware that some very hardcore (and let's face it, slightly scary) people run a lot more than 10 miles. But 10 miles to the girl that used to have to stay behind after the rest of her class was done with PE just so she could finish 1 mile- yes, this is HUGE!! Every day I seem to prove to myself a little more that I am more capable then I ever imagined. I highly recommend this running thing. Now, this will sound crazy, but go with me on this- anyone can do it. Start walking, speed up a little, if you get tired go back to walking, and repeat this until your mind is clear and you feel accomplished. If you've never done this before, a single mile is a great victory and you'll want to keep it up. So go outside or jump on a treadmill and get to it! But finish reading this post first.

As fantastic as this is, my finishing a 10 mile run at nearly 9 pm leads me to the final dose of happiness for the day- the up all night craft party! Granted, the only people in attendance were me and my 2 very loving cats, but 3 is company too. I had so much energy I was actually a little out of sorts because I had no clue what to do with it. You should know, Santa Claus gave me a sewing machine for Christmas but I was determined not to blog about it until I had finished my first 3 projects. At that point, I could blog and post pictures to my heart's content. Well- I did it! Thank you insane and mildly uncomfortable amounts of adrenaline that didn't die down until 5 am! My matching set includes a tabletop ironing board cover, a sewing machine cozy, and a craft apron. I'm not going to sugar coat this- they came out fantastic!! :) There's a bunch of little mess ups and some very crooked seams and I could not love these 3 mini projects any more than I do. What would you expect after a few years away from machine sewing? I used this great book for all 3 of these projects, One Yard Wonders, that makes making cute things fantastically cheap because I only have to buy 1 yard at a time when I work from it. Pinching pennies now so I can afford to start quilting soon! Without further ado... my little gems! As seen in my sewing nook- the artist formerly known as abandoned armoire.

No really, buy this book!

Hobbies are healthy for the soul and I highly recommend picking up as many as possible. Of course I do my fair share of leisurely couch time, but I can't help but smile when I spend my free time indulging in some of my favorite past times. Whether I'm making strides in my training for the Princess 1/2 or spending an hour making magic with a piece of fabric, hobbies that exercise you, be it physically or creatively, make my heart smile. So, hobby-on good people! Here's to a lot more smiling hearts out there.

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jldenn said...

Hey! Your sewing projects are adorable and I lol'd at the 'start walking and speed up' comment. Ima do it..really I am! -Lesa D.(decorated cookies the other day and thought of you:))