Ode to cheese curds...

I realize a good portion of my blog has been devoted to edible delights. I am more than ok with that. If there's one thing I don't mind spending money on, it's good food. I mean, it nourishes you! What else could be a better way to spend hard earned money? I also realize none of the food I've discussed is even remotely good for you- today's post shall be no different. That being said, today's dose of happiness is the ever fabulous snack, the cheese curd.

I have to say, this delectable little nugget has come to me WAY too late in life. Cheese has been my favorite for as long as I can remember stealing it from the fridge. Still, these curds made of cheese were never to be found around my South Florida home. No, such a treat could only be found in the fair away land of Wisconsin. The mecca of cheese. It just so happens that I recently ventured to this dairy wonderland and the cheese curds did not disappoint. For those that don't know, they're these tiny misshapen pieces of cheese left over from the cheese making process. All you really need to know is they're tiny pieces of cheese heaven and it is criminal that you can't find them everywhere. I understand it's because I am no where near an actual dairy farm or cheese making place. Being so far means you can't get them fresh and if a curd doesn't squeak, it hardly counts. But! I've heard the squeak! Now I just want the cheese.

To take this one step further, this trip brought me to my first meeting with an appetizer that puts mozzarella sticks to shame- the fried cheese curd. A beer battered little cheese nugget- my mouth died and went to heaven. Just thinking about them now makes my stomach grumble, begging for more. Clearly eating them that one day was not enough of a cheese curd fix though. On our way out of Wisconsin, we bought 2 huge bags. I sustained myself on nothing but cheese curds and wheat thins for the next 24 hours. Granted, I have been sick, so I tend to indulge myself and eat whatever I want when I'm stuck in bed. Here's hoping this has been enough of a fix to hold me over until the next visit.

For those of you unlucky enough to have never tried these, I came across a site where you can order them. Do yourselves a favor and get on it asap. You can thank me later.

Courtesy of the Wisconline Store!

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