Loving the imperfections...

Happy February, world! It's an exciting month all around including Valentine's Day, my birthday, my first half marathon, and the revamping of my show at work. A busy but exciting month.

That being said- I've been finding it difficult to blog lately because I have it in my head that I can only make a new post when I've completed something. This is a ridiculous habit. Especially when life is a giant "mid-project" situation. It's time to make an effort to change this up. I'm not saying it will adjust overnight but the attempt to be better about it is a step in the right direction.

Since I last blogged, I've been hard at work on my very first quilt. I write this as I've finally finished making all 42 of my quilt blocks... yeah, 42. Why I decided my first quilt should be on such a grand scale is beyond me. I guess I wanted a challenge. I cannot tell you how fun and therapeutic this challenge has been so far. Growing up I've always had trouble enjoying activities I couldn't do perfectly but that's something I quickly had to get over. From the first slice I made into the fabric I learned I had to love the imperfections in this project in order to enjoy making it. Especially once I got to the blocks that involved circles, I found that perfection was certainly not the goal with this. I think this is something most of us overlook in life too. It's not going to be perfect, by any means. But it's these bumps in the road, these imperfections, that make our lives. I was having a conversation just the other day where someone said they planned to ask God someday why we had to experience losing people in our lives. And my response was that without the bad, we'd never notice the good. On a much smaller level, while a lot of my blocks have a whole lot of character, I was so proud when I'd get one just right. I want to go ahead and acknowledge this simile is ridiculously cheesy but when you're going through things and you spend a few hours alone at a sewing machine, these things are bound to go through your head.

It would be silly of me to have a blog dedicated to things that make you happy if I didn't point out how they pertain to balancing out the negative. Not every day is perfect. In fact, some days are down right crappy. But I hold on to the idea that absolutely no day is completely lacking of some shred of happiness. Silver lining, blah blah blah- but I'm being completely serious. If you're open to it, no matter how much something may hurt or how much you owe on your taxes (grrrrrrr) you can always find something to smile about it. So get on it! Look for the happy and celebrate the imperfections!

I now present- my completed blocks! Also known as my "something happy" on many a pensive day. There are so many mistakes and as I start connecting them, there will be more. But that's ok. :) This quilt will always makes me smile regardless of how crappy it may turn out. Some might say, the kids will fight over this quilt one day. Silly how a bunch of random fabric can mean so much. I love it. I love it more for all of it's imperfections. In my eyes, that alone will make it the most perfect quilt.

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Anonymous said...

To me, its the imperfections that add so much character to this. With out them, it's just an ordinary quilt you could buy at the store. this quilt has a story, a life, and a personality. it is for all those reasons I applaud you for embracing the imperfect and allowing this quilt to grow into what it want to become. You've taken what would be an ordinary quilt into a piece of art. Bravo. Keep up the good work. Fyi its Faulkenberry.