Hershey kisses are dangerous.

For some reason I've gotten into the habit of having candy around the house to go along with the current holiday. Halloween was especially emotional as I had no idea take 5's had been discontinued until I only had one snack sized bar left. But now it's Christmas time and for as long as I can remember, I've loved peppermint bark. It's one of those delightful little things that you can really only find during this season. I love looking forward to these goodies. It's just how people get excited when red cups return to Starbucks. Seasonal goodness adds to the happiness of this time of year!

So what, pray tell, is my dose of happiness this time around? Candy Cane Hershey Kisses!!! Do yourself a favor and go buy a bag right now. Granted, bags of kisses are a little more expensive than I ever expected they should be, but these things are amazing. I find it difficult to not grab one every time I walk by the festive little pile. I've also found these a fun extra baking ingredient for the season! I melted some down to make sugar cookies the other night and they came out delicious with just a little hint of peppermint! I also added one to my mug of hot chocolate the other day, which brings me to my second thing to make me smile for this post- seasonal red velvet chocolate milk from Target. I'm actually not all that convinced it tastes all that different from regular chocolate milk but the power of suggestion when you drink red milk is very strong. So of course I love it! Sadly, milk goes bad so I can't really stock up to last me through an extra month. Anyway, heres to these yummy treats! Indulge now before they disappear until next year.

The infamous hershey kisses...

The amazing result of the elusive red velvet cow...

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