The big move...

Well folks...
It's been a long time coming.
As much as I love this corner of the blogosphere, the time has come to close this chapter.

I'll always leave it here to look back on and be able to connect back to old projects and recipes. 

No doubt, it will be a while before I'm able to build anything close to what I've created on this little site-
but it's time to try!
Feel free to follow me on to my next endeavor...
The next chapter of my bloggy blog life-

Thanks for everything followers! You've taught me and inspired me more than you know. Hope we can continue what we started here.
Shall we?


Friday's Fancies- Spring Has Sprung!

Happy Friday, everyone!

I'm finishing out a week of "normalcy" (well, about as normal as things get around here) before jumping into 3 weeks of craziness, fun, and hard work that will be rehearsals for the next show I'm getting to learn here at Disney. No doubt my head will be spinning as I try to learn everything and get comfortable w/ a new show before heading back to my full time stage.
Excited. Nervous. A whole slew of other crazy emotions. I can't wait to post pictures!

Since I'm trying to jump back into this bloggy world, I thought- what better way than getting back into some of my favorite link-ups!

One of my favorites has always been Friday's Fancies thats hosted by {av} over at {long distance loving}. Along the same vein of my Window Shopping Sprees, Friday's Fancies follows a theme and anyone who wants to join in the fun can style to their hearts content with no concern of a budget. 
This week's theme was- Spring Has Sprung!

Friday's Fancies- Spring has sprung

Let me be very honest- I am not a pink loving girl. Haven't been for as long as I can remember. However, this was the color scheme of my bedroom when I was in 5th grade, I think, and I've loved it ever since! I love the fresh and clean cut feel of spring style and if I could have Keds for every outfit, I would. Age appropriate? Maybe not, but I can't help what I like!

Oh Spring!
Believe it or not, it's been chilly around here in Central Florida. So I'm really looking forward to the weather allowing for these kind of outfits.

...I'm also looking forward to the fruits of my "diet and exercise" labor to start showing and make me look rockin' in such outfits!
**she says as she eats a slice of pizza for lunch...**
Don't judge! It's one slice.
I believe the key to a successful diet is moderation. And tracking the calories regardless of how embarrassing they may be!

Happy Spring everyone!!

Window Shopping Spree- Project Life!

Happy Thursday!!

One of the things I missed most on my blogging hiatus was the wonder that was window shopping with a purpose! There's so much out there that I will never actually purchase, and gosh darnit- I plan to explore it all!

Now- this week's edition comes from my new found obsession with Project Life.
I came across this trend thats been rocking the scrapbooking world some time ago but I never really understood it. 
You should know I have boat loads of scrapbooking supplies. Tons. I think of myself as somewhat of a scrapbooking hoarder and I find it hard to use the cute scraps and stickers I've accumulated. 
Worst of all? 
I have no scrapbook to show for it.
It's true! I have tons of little projects I use the the goodies for but due to extenuating circumstances, the last scrapbook I was working on met an unfortunate end that involved a dumpster... whoops!

On first glance, I thought- Ummmm... It's a strange photo album that you put squares of paper into.
Oh how wrong I was!!
Instead of working on one giant page, you combine all those scrapbooking skills of journaling and embellishing and your favorite pictures into one tiny 4x6 or 3x4 card- like a tiny scrapbook page! And I love tiny things!! Then you slip those cards into the page protectors and it's a big 'ol smorgasbord of awesomeness.
(Alright, so my description of it isn't great. In fact, if you haven't heard of Project Life, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. So just go look it up!)

The issue with all this? It's expensive! So rather than blowing all my money on it right now, I shall indulge in a window shopping spree...

I should also mention I do plan to venture into this world of crafty goodness... I'm just not ready to throw down all the money it takes to get the super adorable things that are out there. But holy poot, do I love the things I've come across so far-

1. Binder- It's teal, it's chevron- need I say more?! You gotta have somewhere to stick all those pages!
2. Studio Calico Project Life Kit- Like many of the Studio Calico kits, this one is sold out. They come out w/ a new one every month and they are chock full of fun pages and stickers and embellishments and all sorts of wonderfulness! Obsessed.
3. Allison Kreft Card Pack- I have a friend of mine to blame for introducing me to Two Peas in a Bucket. I want everything they sell on that site!!!
4. Smiggle Pen Case- Because what good is all this new stuff without an adorable new thing to help organize it?
5. Becky Higgins Core Kit- A whole bunch of basic cards to help the project take off. And in my favorite colors?! What could be better?

If you still haven't caught the Project Life bug, head over to Pinterest and do a little search... I guarantee you'll want to indulge in scrapbooking all over again! 
You know- the more I worked on this post, the more I wanted to actually order some of these things. Lucky for my bank account, some is sold out.
But for those things that aren't... 

We all deserve to spoil ourselves every now and then.
Why not?

If any of you Project Life-ers out there have tips on getting started, send them my way!! OR if this has inspired you to give it a shot, let me know that too. I'd love to see what you guys come up with.

Maybe I'll have something to show for all this soon...
Till then-


2013?!? Here goes nothing...

It can't possibly be a week into March already...
I say this every year but I mean it more each time- 
How the hell does time go so much faster with each passing year?!?

We may only be on month 3 of the year, but there's already plenty to get caught up on-

Happy New Year! Even though everyone has to work for New Years around here, my sister and I still managed to meet up for about the last hour leading to midnight and even FaceTime w/ our Parents! 
May not be glamorous, but a great way to ring in 2013!

My sister ran her first full marathon!!! Thats right, none of that 13.1 baby stuff- she went 26.2 miles!
And I met her in each of the Disney Parks to cheer her on and give her orange slices to keep her going.

Ohhh the flu... I got it and it was awful! Thanks to my lovely asthma issues, I got bronchitis on top of that.
Ain't nobody got time for that.

Valentines Day with my person... We both had to work (as always) but it was still perfect. I woke up to a 2 CD mix tape waiting in my car, got a Magic Bullet, and was taken to an amazing Cuban restaurant for a late dinner.
And he hid Valentine's lollipops all over the house... Im still finding them and it's been a month.

And then there's the highlight of my year so far...
I ran my 4th Half Marathon and it happened to be on my 26th birthday.
I can't think of a better way to celebrate another year of life.

 One of my best friends even came to town to run her first half marathon ever!!! And she kicked booty!

 Of course theres this guy- who loves me even when I have 13.1 miles of sweat and grossness caked on me.
I'm pretty lucky.

And I wrapped up my birthday with an incredible dinner, overlooking Cinderella's Castle, with some of my favorite people in the world.

...Is this real life?

So there it all is! What a crazy start to 2013, right?
But now that we're completely caught up, I can't wait to see what other goodness can start popping up on here. There's a few posts already in the works, so stick around. I know you'll all love it!

Here's to making sure 26 is the best year yet...


The Last Few Months- Part 1

Alright now!
I said I'd get you caught up and I meant it. So here's the end of 2012, in photos, to the best of my ability...
Hang on, it's about to get crazy!

So back in September, we took an epic trip out to the West Coast to run the Disneyland Half Marathon!
We ran 13.1 miles, visited theme parks and studios with my kick booty sister and brother in law and got to stay with my best friend and enjoy the awesomeness that is LA!

Then, at the beginning of October, the person and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary...

And of course, there was the new home's first Halloween-
(This is the person's favorite holiday...)
Why yes, I did make these awesome decorations. Thank you for asking!

And finally, December!! That glorious time that is my favoritest ever in the world. 
In the world.
Most wonderful time of the year 2012 included a trip to St. Augustine-

Then I had my 1st Annual Holiday Soiree, which also acted as my house warming AND the greatest White Elephant there ever was.

 Oh, and that's Alf the Elf... play nice and maybe I'll have a Christmas in July extravaganza where you get to see the awesome inappropriateness that was his December....


And to wrap things up, the magic that was my Christmas decorations. My person helped to make sure the first Christmas in my new house was absolutely perfect.

Giant Griswold Family Christmas sized tree and all.

There it is! The end of my 2012. Not too shabby, huh?
I can't say enough how lucky I am to have been surrounded by so much love and to have had a year filled with so many incredible memories.

2013 is off to a phenomenal start too... but we'll get around to that next time.

You know... it feels great to be getting back into the swing of things. If I didn't do these catch ups, I'd feel like I could never sit down to a new post because I'd always be thinking- 
"Oh wait! But I never told them about this other thing!" 
This allows me to fast forward over all that and get back to the crafty, cooking-y, home improvement-y, fashion-y goodness that is crowding up my brain!

So until then...