Window Shopping Spree- Project Life!

Happy Thursday!!

One of the things I missed most on my blogging hiatus was the wonder that was window shopping with a purpose! There's so much out there that I will never actually purchase, and gosh darnit- I plan to explore it all!

Now- this week's edition comes from my new found obsession with Project Life.
I came across this trend thats been rocking the scrapbooking world some time ago but I never really understood it. 
You should know I have boat loads of scrapbooking supplies. Tons. I think of myself as somewhat of a scrapbooking hoarder and I find it hard to use the cute scraps and stickers I've accumulated. 
Worst of all? 
I have no scrapbook to show for it.
It's true! I have tons of little projects I use the the goodies for but due to extenuating circumstances, the last scrapbook I was working on met an unfortunate end that involved a dumpster... whoops!

On first glance, I thought- Ummmm... It's a strange photo album that you put squares of paper into.
Oh how wrong I was!!
Instead of working on one giant page, you combine all those scrapbooking skills of journaling and embellishing and your favorite pictures into one tiny 4x6 or 3x4 card- like a tiny scrapbook page! And I love tiny things!! Then you slip those cards into the page protectors and it's a big 'ol smorgasbord of awesomeness.
(Alright, so my description of it isn't great. In fact, if you haven't heard of Project Life, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. So just go look it up!)

The issue with all this? It's expensive! So rather than blowing all my money on it right now, I shall indulge in a window shopping spree...

I should also mention I do plan to venture into this world of crafty goodness... I'm just not ready to throw down all the money it takes to get the super adorable things that are out there. But holy poot, do I love the things I've come across so far-

1. Binder- It's teal, it's chevron- need I say more?! You gotta have somewhere to stick all those pages!
2. Studio Calico Project Life Kit- Like many of the Studio Calico kits, this one is sold out. They come out w/ a new one every month and they are chock full of fun pages and stickers and embellishments and all sorts of wonderfulness! Obsessed.
3. Allison Kreft Card Pack- I have a friend of mine to blame for introducing me to Two Peas in a Bucket. I want everything they sell on that site!!!
4. Smiggle Pen Case- Because what good is all this new stuff without an adorable new thing to help organize it?
5. Becky Higgins Core Kit- A whole bunch of basic cards to help the project take off. And in my favorite colors?! What could be better?

If you still haven't caught the Project Life bug, head over to Pinterest and do a little search... I guarantee you'll want to indulge in scrapbooking all over again! 
You know- the more I worked on this post, the more I wanted to actually order some of these things. Lucky for my bank account, some is sold out.
But for those things that aren't... 

We all deserve to spoil ourselves every now and then.
Why not?

If any of you Project Life-ers out there have tips on getting started, send them my way!! OR if this has inspired you to give it a shot, let me know that too. I'd love to see what you guys come up with.

Maybe I'll have something to show for all this soon...
Till then-

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Krystina Marie said...

Need to remember to look up Calico sets before they sell out!