Wish! {out loud}

Yeah... this post is going up MUCH later than usual because I had no clue it was Sunday. Which is all the more confusing because I still managed to be to work at the right time...
I wish I could explain/understand how my brain works.

Since it is in fact Sunday- it's time to link up w/ Robin and Ashley Marie for another rip roaring edition of...
Wish! {out loud}
Wish out loud

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I'd like to report that Im doing phenomenally well so far on last weeks wish to put more effort into how I dress day to day. I even had a manager of mine say "Ummmm... where are your sweat pants?" There's also been a slew of compliments and more than likely people realizing I have the potential to be cute form time to time! 
Who knew?!
This week...
I wish for the will power and patience to stick with my work outs and eating healthy (note: not calling it a "diet" anymore!) for as long as it takes to get back down to my healthy and happy goal weight.

Wish me luck!! And please send any tips on how you keep yourself motivated when progress is slow.

Hope everyone is refreshed and ready for another work week... tomorrow is my Friday... :)


Nicole Rene said...

I had to laugh out loud because I always have to mentally focus on not wearing yoga pants or sweatpants but instead putting on a cute pair of boots & a dress. So good job on that haha! And I can relate on the sticking with my workouts & eating... sooooo difficult but definitely do-able and makes me feel better when I do! Good luck! :)


Mrs. Darcy said...

Last year I lost 15 lbs. It was hard work, and frustrating at times, but I felt so much better afterwards. When progress got slow, I switched up my foods or my workout and I just kept reminding myself of the end result!

Good luck-you can do it!

Deidre said...

For me, It is all about just making myself do it for the first couple of weeks and then it becomes habit and then it feels weird if I don't do it!

Good luck - I had a great result for wish out loud this week. Go check it out! :)

arianapia said...

I have to force myself to put make up on so I feel your pain girl! I HAVE to dress up for work, no sweat pants here even though I think about it everyday!

Love calling it eating right and not a diet! It's not a temporary fix, make it permanent girl! you can do it!

believing in laughter

Ashley Marie said...

I wish you butt loads of luck! Also, hella congratulations at people noticing the change in your wardrobe! I'm living vicariously through you!