My new Life Planner + my crafty sleeve-y thing...

Hey everybody!
So... January is almost over...
Which means it's almost February...
Which means I'm almost 25...
Commence quarter-life crisis.

You think I'm kidding. I'm not. February 24th is my birthday and I have no idea what I want to do because I partly don't want to have this birthday. I realize every time I say that, I offend every person older than I am. Allow me to specify- this is not about you. This is about me. Turning 25 and no longer getting to say I'm in my early twenties. My life is happening as we speak. Am I really enjoying it and experiencing it to its fullest?!? I think I am... in most ways... I suppose there's always more we could be doing. 
Stay tuned as I continue to find fun and interesting ways to live out my quarter-life crisis.
This should be exciting!

About a week ago, I got something in the mail that will no doubt change my life forever. I'm sure you've all seen or heard of Erin Condren's Life Planners. They've seriously been featured on every blog. Ever. If you're anything like me, you were transported back to Elementary school with some sort of "But all the cool bloggers have one!" moment. 
I'm here today to report to you-
It is SO worth the hype!!
I was incredibly excited after I placed the order, I seriously checked the FedEx tracking every couple of hours. I actually had a little "AHHHHH" moment when it wasn't updated for like 4 days. When you're waiting for Christmas Day so badly, the thought that Santa got lost on the way- it's frightening! 
Luckily, it came!
It's here, it's all mine, and I am more organized than ever!

Aint she a beauty? I went with the "Favorite Things" design so all that writing is random stuff that makes me smile. So now I get organized AND smile!
I have to admit though- I add things to the goals and to do lists just so I can cross them out.
No doubt I am NOT the only that does this though!!

Well... now that I had this gorgeous planner, you would have to be crazy to think I was going to just throw it into my bags to fend for itself amongst make-up and hairspray and goodness knows what else is at the bottom of my bags.

I picked out a project for an organizer sleeve from one of my favorite crafty books, One Yard Wonders (Honestly! If this isn't in your sewing arsenal, GET IT NOW!), and just adjusted it to the dimensions of my planner. I also couldn't decide on just one fabric... so I took some liberties with my design on it.

 All the cut pieces- Just took quilting cotton and some batting! 

Proof that my decision making skills aren't so great... 

So thanks to a day off at my sewing machine, my beautiful little planner can safely be thrown into any bag without me worrying about the pages getting bent or gross!
... Is my OCD showing?
I'm still trying to figure out the most efficient way for me to use it to help me get my posts up on time...
Lesson from this week-
Write that a post needs to go up THE DAY BEFORE so you don't get to that day and go- "Oh crap."
Still, I am thrilled to keep filling it up with all the awesomeness 2012 is sure to have in store.
Aside from the whole 25th birthday thing.
Full circle.

Hope this post finds you all well! Don't forget to come back and join in on the Wish! {out loud} goodness on Sunday!


Ashley @ Places To Go, Things To Buy said...

Wow that sleeve is so cute! Looks great!

P.S. I tagged you in a post on my blog, if you want to play along! :)

Jessica said...

I am OBSESSED with my life planner :)
It's actually kind of sad lol.

That sleeve is an awesome idea!
Too bad I don't sew!
Maybe I'll look into buying one though :)


Lindsay said...

1. I love your blog and that fact that you're a performer and musical theater actress. *AND one of my performers from a San Diego theme park now works at WDW like you! (Unfortunately for me, performing/singing has turned into a hobby for me. But I dream of the stage still!)

2. I love that your blog name in on your life planner as well.

3. I don't know how to sew, but your planner sleeve makes me want to learn! Great job! It's a beauty!

4. *high five*

5. Have a terrific day!

Jenna said...

I've been seeing these planners everywhere and I reeeally want one - I love how yours has all of your favorite things - so cool!

Love the cover too! You should open an etsy shop :)


Cheryl E. said...

Yay for the EC life planner! I love mine too! And that sleeve is so awesome! Wish I could sew.

Deidre said...

The planner looks gorgeous! And the cover you made is beautiful!

Kate said...

Cute! I'm so impressed that you made that sleeve. I'm sewing illiterate. I really want one of those planners... maybe next year?

Kathleen said...

Ok that's it. I'm buying one of these babies. It's probably gonna kill me to spend $50 on it. But obviously it is totally worth it. So I'm taking the plunge right now and buying it. So thank you! :)

PS. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you made that sleeve for it! SO CUTE! : )

the erincondren.com team said...

wow - look how creative you are!!!!! so glad that you love your planner and thanks for the great post! enjoy

Tabitha Mahoney said...

Sooo cute, I love it, and am headed to find out what they're all about.


Anonymous said...

WOAH. I love the planner sleeve, you did such a fantastic job, and I love the mix of fabrics!

I'm really really lusting over an Erin Condren planner. I should probably just suck it up and order it sooner rather than later!

Kassi at Truly Lovely said...

That's exciting! A new planner is always fun! :) I hear ya on the quarter life crisis... Especially since I'm a year ahead of you. As someone who's been there *wink* you'll make it. I promise.

Elisabeth said...

this is awesome krystina! wow. i'm impressed. and i want one :)

just found your blog from hollies link up and i'm your newest follower - and i'd lOvE for you to follow me back :)

MK said...

This is the 5th time I've seen this planner on a blog! I think the world is telling me something. LOVE the cover you made. I'm a new follower from Hollie's #FF! :)

Brooke said...

You MADE that case??? With your own two hands?? Wow, I am very impressed. And that planner is amazing! I just have a lame one that I got at school, and it's time for an upgrade. Yours is so cute!

Anyway, I'm a new follower from #FF, and it's great to meet you!


jessica dukes said...

this is so so cute and your blog makes me want a cup of hot chocolate! yummy!
new follower too by the way!

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Okay... okay... you've convinced me!! The planners are worth it. I love the cover style you picked... so adorable! PS. I think I am a little OCD too :) Addicted to my planner!!

Amy Powell said...

love your little holder! that's so handy & impressive that you made it!

hope you enjoy your planner :)

Audrey @ Putting Me Together said...

Hi Krystina! I was blog surfing and came across your blog so I thought I'd say hi. The sleeve you made for your planner is so cute! I love the fabrics you chose, particularly the grey one. Great job!


Kelli Diane said...

That is seriously a good idea! I have this calender as well and I take it with me everywhere and all the tabs are bent up : / should have thought of this! :)