My Christmas wrap-up...

Hello loves!!
I realize posts have been a little scarce these couple of weeks. I don't know how some of you kept up through the holidays! I'm ridiculously impressed. My schedule was so upside down, I could barely think straight. I can't imagine getting my thoughts organized enough to have continued posting regularly. Hopefully- as we head into 2012 (feel free to insert a record scratch there), things will be calming down and regulating a bit so I'll be back to my usual silliness.

How, in all that is good, is 2011 over?!
I can't.
This year seriously flew by on fast forward. No doubt I'm not alone on that. It seems to be the general consensus every time the subject comes up.

Since this is the last day of 2011, I figured this was my last chance to catch you all up on all of my left over Christmas goodness without looking like somewhat of a lame-o. I suppose I technically have through 3 Kings Day to grasp on to my Christmas spirit, but I'm choosing to accept that this year's Holiday season has come and gone. This way, I can welcome the new year with fresh, open, and loving arms!

Lets start with my Christmas present to myself...
I find it SO difficult to spend money on myself (Cue New Year's Resolution... Thats a post for another day though!), however, Black Friday super sweet deals make the blow a little easier. So when Silhouette and Crap I've Made had an amazing promotion going, I couldn't wait any longer to finally get a Silhouette Cameo of my own.
That's right- I am officially the proud owner of my very own Cameo!!
The machine my person so eloquently refers to as "The cricut on crack." I honestly couldn't explain this any better myself! If you're lost, just follow along. You'll want one in a few pictures...

So I was able to justify this purchase because I figured, It isn't just for me! I'll be using it to make things for other people!! Starting with- wrapping my Christmas presents! I made the decision I was going to wrap gifts in craft paper this year and just embellish using cool things I made with my machine. I had no clue how time consuming this would be but I am so proud of how they all came out. 

Everyone LOVED their wrapping so much they didn't even want to open them! And that's saying a lot.
I'm already thinking up so many more projects for my pretty little Cameo, so stay tuned! Much more crafty goodness to come!

So wrapping wasn't my only crafty project this season-
I made Christmas ornaments for each of the couples in our families!
*I used a Martha Stewart paint to make a snowy looking scene as a base around the bottom of the ornament and to add the year
*I filled the ornaments with just a little fake snow and a couple tiny ornaments from Michaels- each ornament got 2 mini snowflakes and a mini Christmas tree
*I printed out pictures of each couple, added scrapbooking corners and tied bakers twine to them and rolled them up to get them in. I had to use tweezers to get them all straightened out (Which was surprisingly easy once I got the hang of it!)
*Finally, I embossed the names on to a Martha Stewart Christmas tag to add a personalized final touch to each ornament.
Check out how the turned out!

Those still make me smile!

And finally- I just thought I'd show you all what a good girl I was this year!
The boy too!
We were both seriously spoiled by our families and each other. Here's a little taste of the hardcore ridiculousness that showed up under our tree this year...

Yup- I got a KitchenAid stand mixer!! I know you're all excited about what this will mean for future food posts... Gahhh!! I can't wait!! And the person has already finished his Lego Architecture replica of Fallingwater and we already have a beer brewing. Such a great Christmas.

I think I speak for both of us when I say the greatest thing was to get to see his family so close to Christmas AND see my family on Christmas. We are so blessed to come from two incredible families and spending time with all those incredible people is what really made my heart feel the holidays.

So thats it for my holiday posts! Did you like it?! I hope you're all prepared to move into a New Year and have some big plans for what the next 365 days will hold for you. I LOVE New Years because I love the idea of giving yourself a fresh start and a chance to be everything you hadn't gotten a chance to take on yet. Here's to everyone being a little better, healthier, more successful, and more loving in the new year! 2011 me took some serious strides, so I can only imagine how much more proud I'll be of myself at this time next year. Do you all make it a point to have extra faith in yourselves at the start of the year? Now's the time to do it!

Alright everyone- lets get this started off right! Time to tackle another year. I'll see you all there! :)


Elizabeth said...

Looks like you both had a wonderful Christmas! Wishing you the best in 2012!

smalltown20something said...

Yes, 2011 flew by way too fast! Completely agreed there!

I definitely want a Cameo now! Your ornaments and tags came out so well!

Gorgeous kitchen aid. Though I'm lovin that I see TOMS too. <3 I love me some TOMS.

Marian said...

Those ornaments that you made are way cool! They almost remind of a ship in a bottle. I bet your family will treasure them forever!

Kathleen said...

I LOVE The Tudors! Best show EVER!! I have all four seasons! :) Glad you had a great Christmas! :)

bailey j said...

you are so FREAKIN crafty! i wish so much that i could be artsy and crafty, evne just a little bit. like i would never think to or be able to do any of these cute little ornaments or wrapping jobs that you have done. oh my god. it doesnt even process in my head ahaha. its so awesome - your gifts looked amazing!!

thanks for the comment on my blog, lady! great blog :)

Kaity said...

Found you through Comment Love :)

Love all the presents you got and I love your wrapping job! I've never heard of a Cameo before, but it looks super fun and crafty!

Look forward to following you- Happy New Year!

Kassi at Truly Lovely said...

I love those wrapped presents!!! And REALLY like the idea of kraft paper and embellishments! Maybe next year! :) I got a Silhouette SD last Christmas and I LOVE IT! Can't wait to see all you come up with this year!

Bunnie said...

OMG! I abosultely love this!!! You and I have so much in common!! I love crafting and I got alot of your same Christmas goodies this Christmas as well :)

your newest follower...