Window Shopping Spree- "Extreme Craft Room/Blog HQ Makeover" Edition!

Thursday! :) Mmmmm... It's silly how much I love looking forward to the "sunday" of my weekend. You'd think, it means I have to go back to work tomorrow, why would I like it so much? I don't know how it works for all of you- but "sunday" is the most relaxing day of the week! It's almost always the stay in your pj's all day kind of day. Today in particular, I am going in to work at the '30s style dinner theatre I perform at. But until then- you couldn't pry these pj's off me if you paid me! Plus- a certain someone made French toast this morning... :) I am a lucky, lucky lady.

As if that weren't exciting enough- it's Window Shopping Spree Thursday!! When I went to start perusing the internet for this post, I felt a little stuck. I have so many great ideas for post Halloween shopping sprees that I cannot wait to get to!!! Sadly... we are still in October... 

That's a little unfair of me to say to October- 
October, you're a lovely month! I thoroughly enjoy celebrating you in all your spookiness. Please understand, I'm just a little anxious to get to my favorite time of year. Nothing personal!

Then- inspiration struck! October is a very topsy turvy month around here. Things get insane and well, a mess. It was probably about the end of September that I realized I would have to dedicate a weekend to a cleaning frenzy. Once the person's event was over, spend some serious time deep cleaning and organizing. So thats what this past "weekend" was for. Everything turned out great!! Everything except his "man cave" and my "craft room." Those rooms still need some serious work... 

I haven't been able to work on any craft projects in a while because I find it hard to be inspired in an unorganized space. Said craft room has yet to be fully set up... So "Cup 'a Hot Chocolate Headquarters" has been the couch... **wahh wahh** (Which is actually the Debbie Downer sound, not a cry... I wish there was a better way to explain that...)

So this weeks shopping spree- A Craft Room/ Blog HQ makeover!!! UGhhhh if only!!! Even when everything in there finds it's home, the room will not look anything like this... A girl can dream though, right? Oh- and this makeover is brought to you almost entirely by the Pottery Barn website... What can I say, I'm a sucker for pretty and slightly over priced home decor. 

1. Drool worthy craft room furniture- Little odds and ends with a bunch of random drawers and shelves? Yes please! If you go to the page of that collection- just scroll down and include EVERYTHING on the page. And my room's furniture is complete! Seriously though- how perfect is that set for a craft room?
2. Wheeley "Craft in progress" chair- I find that as much as I always want to have a big comfy chair in there, I constantly have to roll around to grab random thingss while I try to finish a project! So a matching chair with wheels is a must have.
3. Blogging/"visitor in my hq" chair- But I obviously need a big comfy accent chair too! Sometimes people stop by while I'm crafting. And, I do all my best blog writing from a comfortable position. 
4. Color pop organizational boxes- I dont know what it is about greens, gray blues, and yellows that I love so much right now. Still, seeing these all nestled into the cubby holes with all my random crap neatly organized in them- be still me heart! Such a sucker for neatly organized stuff.
5. 13" MacBook Pro- A new MacBook? How the hell did that get on there... I mean if it's there I shouldn't delete it... And I mean, the computer is getting a little slow. I can't very well blog in a new hq with a laptop I can't depend on! :) That's a reasonable excuse, right? 
6. Multipiece wall organizer- I LOVE these things!!! A way to set out and organize all my thoughts and plans right up on the wall in front of me. I pin this sort of stuff every time I come across them. I'm sure If I worked at it, I could piece something like this together slowly but surely thanks to HomeGoods. But that's the logical and sensible, cost efficient way to do it. Thursdays are not about that!

Le sigh! My dream room... Do you all dream of having a perfect room like this too? What are your must-haves when you sit back and imagine that perfect room to inspire you? And where do you guys normally find those pieces that fit perfect in those rooms? 

Excuse me while I continue to imagine I'm writing this from that room I just made in my mind... :)
Lots of love and energy to all you lovelies!


Ruthie Hart said...

I told my hubby that when we move (hopefully in 6 months!) if he gets a man cave, I get a craft room!

Deidre said...

I often dream of my perfect kitchen, like A LOT. what can i say, I want heaps of cupboard space and LOADS of counter top space!

styleforlife said...

OMG!!!!!! Your blog is incredibly amazing! DId you design it? :-)) I would love to speak with you about that but for now, shall we follow each other?
I would love it.....xxx to you! Emily of EL Vintage

Nali said...

Very cool! I could get a lot done in there ;)

xoxo, Nali

skippysays said...

That looks like it'd be the perfect room! Don't worry, you'll get there :)

Kate said...

This is always my favorite room to dream about! Mine is always in some cool attic with a sloping ceiling, a big dormer window (with a window seat!), a sweet view, and lots of light. Sigh.

Pi Casso said...

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