Spooky- Scary Window Shopping Spree...

It's October!! It's my person's favorite time of year mostly because it's Halloween-y time! And Halloween-y is his favorite! (Is it strange that I refer to it as Halloween-y? That way it's sort of cute and not at all terrifying!) I came home the other day and the apartment was all set up with those old school Halloween cardboard cut-outs he's been toting around for years. I know you know which ones I'm talking about! I love those things! It is not Halloween without them and seeing all the stuff as I walked in just made my night! I lit my pumpkin patch yankee candle and basked in the Halloween goodness!! 

In honor of the start of this months festivities, and of course my lovely person who lives for October the other 11 months of the year- A Halloween-y themed Window Shopping Spree!

Before I really get into the meat of it, I need to extend a welcome to all my new followers! I'm SO excited you guys have decided to stick around and see what else I have in store and I hope you keep having fun here! 

For all you newbies- Thursday in my world is payday! Yup- it's the day the mouse gives me a little chunk of change for my troubles and I hoard it all away so I can pay for my bills and hopefully save up for bigger "someday" purchases! In an effort to "save more, spend less," every (I use the word every loosely! Girls not perfect!) Thursday I put together a "Window Shopping Spree." Sometimes fashion, sometimes home decor, sometimes a smorgasboard, but always chock full of things I would LOVE to buy if money were not an issue. It's actually a lot of fun! Shopping with no budget? Yes, please and thank you. Sure it would be nice to click the "proceed to check out" button, but my bank account always thanks me once this post goes up! Check out some of the other window shopping sprees here!

Without further ado, my spooooooky-scaaaaaaary Halloween-y Window Shopping Spree!
(Disclaimer: Halloween is a cheesy and hokey holiday. This is some cheesy and hokey shtuff!)

1. Halloween Lantern Lights- Leave it to Pottery Barn to come out with classy Halloween decor... and I want it all! 
2. Fancy Pants Twig Gate- I live in an apartment and have absolutely no use for this awesome light up gate... But it's Thursday so who cares?!
3. Light up Pumpkins- Now these are a versatile investment! Good for Halloween and generic enough to work for Thanksgiving! Pumpkins have never looked classier!
4. Creepy Skeleton Drink Dispenser Stand- I just think this is SO cool. AND you can personalize it with your monogram. If I was having a respectable grown-up party I would have to buy this... and the matching condiment set. 
5. Cauldron Mugs- I now believe coffee should not be had out of anything BUT these Williams-Sonoma mugs at this time of year. That's a fact.
6. Spooky Town!- I need to preface this by saying- growing up, my mom always had the most kick ass Christmas village! There WILL be similar items when I do the Christmas decor edition of WSS (and Christmas is my favorite so you've been warned). As hokey as it is- I would LOVE to start a Halloween village! And they add new houses every year so it's like never ending fun :) Call me crazy but I think they're so cute. Maybe after a couple more paychecks and coupons, I'll take a little trip to Michael's...

Man... my apartment would be the coolest! Someday I'll indulge in all of these things... and be the most outrageously decorated house for every holiday so people could always talk about the crazy lady down the street. I'll know I've made it when I achieve "crazy lady down the street" status.

Do you guys go all out for Halloween? Are you old school decor or some of this newer "vintage looking" decor thats especially popular this year? I'll be on the look out for finds at Home Goods and Ross and I'll let you all know if I find anything good! 

Till next time...


Mrs. T said...

I love all those decorations!
For some reason, I like Halloween decorations this year. That's never happened! I usually think they are so ugly and would never put them in my house.. but those little spook houses are CUTE. haha... I am obsessed with anything miniature!

birdie to be said...

Great Halloween finds! And great little blog! I love it! Your header is fabulous. Xo

Lindsey Leigh said...

Love decorating for Halloween {holidays in general!}

Elizabeth - MissWisabus.com said...

I love your picks! Decorating for Halloween is one of my favorite parts of the season. This year I'm hoping to get around to making a wreath. We'll see!

styleforlife said...

Love it!!!!! Your blog and creativity is so darling.
Shall we follow each other?
I would love that.
xxxxx Emily of EL Vintage

Megan said...

I love Halloween! The whole month of October is so fun - creepy movies, candy, cuddling with hot drinks.

I haven't put out any decorations yet, because that would require getting the holiday box down from the closet and that requires work and I've been super lazy. I want to check out Ross and Michael's too for some new items.

Rebecca said...

omg SUCH a cute blog!!! I love everything! just followed =]

Kelli Diane said...

Hey! Thanks for following : ) I am your newest follower! Cant wait to keep reading your blog!


Holly said...

Great decorations! Love your blog, I'm a new follower too, and thanks for following mine!

olive and love said...

Thanks for reminding me about those old Halloween cut outs. I think my mom still has them (cuz she saves everything!) Thanks for stopping by my site last week!

Michelle Maskaly said...

I love no. 5.

Stopping by from the LBS Tea Party.

Angela of "Grahangela" said...

I don't have enough words to express how much I love Halloween. It's just such a fun holiday!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I love that you and your sister met your hubbies at Disney. It's a special place! Never been to Disney World, but I would love to go someday. I'm a sucker for all things Disney!

Now following. :)

~ Angela

Christa @ Little BGCG said...

My grandmother used to make Christmas Villages in baskets and gift them to people, it was always fun to see what she came up with!