Window Shopping Spree- Closet Makeover!

Thursdays are quickly becoming my favorite! I love wasting time surfing online stores for odds and ends- especially when I'm pretending money is no object. There's something so freeing about it. I'm so used to hemming and hawing on all these pages thinking "If only!" and "Well should I?" But now I shop around for the sole purpose of bringing you some delicious shopping inspiration. You'd think it would just make me sort of sad that I can't actually place the orders but I really have a blast picking the stuff out. You should try it some time.

This week's "window shopping spree" is brought to you by the *Krystina desperately needs to update her wardrobe* movement. There are things in my closet that have been there since freshman year... of highschool!! I've been really good about donating clothes in the past 6 months but there are pieces that I legitimately still wear that are that old. In case you haven't noticed- fashion has changed just a little in the past 10 years. Crazy, I know! I keep not wanting to shop for new clothes, though, because at the present time I'm losing weight! Why would I throw down some serious moolah on a wardrobe revamp if I could possibly be in a completely different size another couple months from now? Such a dilemma! So just as I always do- I put off the actual shopping trip for another day.

Thank goodness a window shopping spree doesn't require me to choose a size. I don't even need to try it on, so no chance of my dreams being crushed if something doesn't look how I imagined it. These choices will forever live in my mind, making me look fabulous and fitting perfectly. :)

1. Beautiful old school looking summery dress- Thank you Anthropologie, for never failing me with your large quantities of adorable dresses that NEED to be in my closet. It is listed as a "ONE SIZE" dress though... how is that even possible?
2. Adorable flowy yellow top- This cuteness is a ModCloth.com find. I've been told in the past that I shouldn't wear yellow... that's impossible when I come across tops like this one.
3. Gingham keds- I'm not sure why, but I am seriously wanting a pair of keds. Don't judge me for it- they're gingham and awesome. You cannot argue with that.
4. Jersey top that isn't a tshirt- My daily wardrobe almost solely consists of tshirts and jeans. It's a good exercise for me to see this and remember, there are other options out there!
5. Bandeau frilly bikini top- I'm a big fan of J. Crew swimwear especially when it involves removable straps. I saw my sister struggle to get rid of her bikini lines before her wedding and I don't want to suffer that fate... even if I am starting a couple years early. I'm bound to get married at some point, and when I do, I'll be prepared. Thanks to strapless bikinis... (That is some ridiculous logic right there.)
6. Cute bow-belted shorts- I have a really difficult time buying shorts because of my gi-flippin-normous hips and thighs gorgeous curves, so let's pretend these would look awesome on me! They're so stinkin' cute, I won't accept any other reality but this one.

There they are folks! Is it over already? Don't fret, I'll be "not spending my paycheck" again next Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE virtual window shopping! And I agree...I really need everything in Anthropologie!

Elle Mari said...

Hey! I just stumbled across your blog and I really enjoy reading it! One thing, is there anyway to make the font just a smidge bit darker? I think a darker font might make the improve the readability, at least for me. :) Besides that, love it!