Window Shopping Spree...

Because it's payday (thank you Mr. Mouse), I spent the majority of the day  a socially acceptable amount of time window shopping. I decided it was time to start a weekly post- a Window Shopping Spree! I will allow myself to drool over these things I would add to my shopping cart if/when I'm a ridiculously successful real adult. *Side note: that will never happen, as real adult status is not appealing.* I'm going to attempt, for as many thursdays as possible, to post a small list of random things I've come across recently that should be mine. Enjoy my first ever window shopping spree...

  1.  Betsey Johnson Pumps courtesy of Zappos- I don't need an appropriate situation to wear them, I would wear these to clean!
  2. Pretty Quote-y Leather Cuff- I actually first drooled over these at a little store in St. Augustine and of course now I found them online at the Urban Farmhouse Shop
  3. Spice Jars- Anthropologie purposely makes their things slightly more expensive than I'm willing to pay. I have no need for spice jars, but would you call me tacky if I emptied store bought spices into these? :)
  4. Leather Clutch- Fossil should probably start sending me every bag they ever make. It would make both our lives so much easier!
  5. Pretty dress- I've loved this dress since I saw it in an Anthropologie preview... now it's in a Special K commercial just to really pour salt in the wound! Even Kelloggs is out to make me sad!
  6. Petit Four Mold Set- From Williams-Sonoma... No really, I need this. It is imperative that I make teeny tiny desserts. They're just so stinking cute!!

That was invigorating! I can't wait to make believe shop again with my paycheck next week...

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freya said...

krystina! long time no see! your blog is soooo dang cute!

i'm all over number 3 and number 6! and i agree about the pricing! sheesh!