5 minute smile fest...

I did this once before but I really wanted to do it again. In fact, I wanted to try to incorporate it into my blog on a regular basis. So in an attempt to stick with the title, here goes nothing! 5 things that make me smile today in 5 minutes (or less)... but realistically more like 8...

  1. The prospect of getting some Red Lobster in my belly later on tonight! If food doesn't make you smile, we probably wouldn't get along all that well!
  2. Balsamic Vinegar!!! (2 food centric smiles? why not?) I could probably drink the left over balsamic vinegar once I've finished my salad... is that strange?
  3. Wanting to punch Tony Horton (of p90x fame) in the face! I'm sorry, is that inappropriate? I'm on day 1 of week 4- I challenge you to get through 3 weeks of these videos and not end up mocking the nuances that he says. But when I'm working out alone in my apartment and I imitate him out loud, with only my cats to pay attention, I can't help but smile! "Love, love, love, till my Daddy takes my tbird away!" Oh Tony...
  4. Scaulding hot showers. Even if I'm mocked incessantly for the cloud of steam that fills the room when I'm done and the fact that I look like I've just burned my skin- I LOVE ridiculously hot showers.
  5. And finally- cats sleeping on clean, folded laundry. This should NOT make me smile. But it does. Look at that face!

Have a great weekend everyone!! ...that was really close to 5 minutes... :/

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