Shedding poundage...

Today was day 28 in p90x, which even though it mathematically seems insignificant because 30 days is the real 1/3 of 90, it marks the end of Phase 1 of 3 in the program. Woot woot! I have been bringing it for an entire 4 weeks. Tony Horton would be so proud. He would also be extremely impressed by my impressions of him. I could probably quote the entirety of some of these videos. I mean, that's a serious accomplishment. Being able to quote workout dvd's... yeah... I should get out more.

After the first 2 and half weeks, I was hating that I was devoting so much time to this program because I had actually put on 2 pounds from the time I started. 2 pounds!! When you're trying desperately, pleading with the scale gods to show you a lower number than the day before (yes, I know it's terrible that I weigh myself daily, but shove it! I appreciate your concern but I probably won't stop) it's heart breaking to go back up and not be able to see the number move. Blah blah, muscle weighs more than fat, blah blah, the weight will just fall off soon. I almost punched most everyone I know. An apology though to everyone I almost assaulted :). Magically, all those pains in the butts in my life that made all these assumptions about my weight loss were right! In the past week, I not only lost the 2 pounds I had put on when I started working out so hard core but I also dropped an extra 2 pounds. That marks -9 pounds since April. -11 if you count those 2 pesky pounds I had to lose twice! Those bitches. In fact, lets go ahead and count those! I still have a ways to go but that's some serious progress! In college and even just after I graduated, I could diet and lose 3+ pounds a week... the tides are turning and my body is changing as I get older and that is no longer the case. Wah wah! I've worked my ass off to get those 9, no wait- 11 pounds off and I will continue to do so for the next however long it takes to make it back down to my goal.

I can do it!!! Positive energy and affirmations abound! 
Sending you all the same!
Here's an oldie but goodie to further the positivity... :)


montanna said...

The abdominal exercises plan should have cardiovascular and weight training exercises. This helps burn calories and increase the muscle to fat ratio that will increase ones metabolism and make one either gain or lose weight.

Taylor Christian said...

The video is precious. I'm totally jealous of you. I haven't found the time (such a lame excuse) P90x. I hope to in the future though since the disc are literally sitting 3 feet from me. =P

cssolomon said...

I came across your blog through blogher.com and it's absolutely adorable :) You officially have a new follower :)

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Angie Lee said...

I am a daily weigher too. it's a sickness. and I tell robin to shove it every day when she tells me to get off the damn scale. See? we are soul sisters.