DMB and a Window Shopping Spree...

Jam packed post today as I tackle what could've been 2 separate posts. Im being an over achiever. :)

First things first- get out your puke buckets kiddies, it's about to get mushy for a hot second!
A year ago today, the handsomest guy I know had an extra ticket to the Dave Matthews Band Concert in Tampa. Our first official date. When I think about it, I can still imagine how nervous I was and how ridiculous the butterflies in my stomach were when he would just put his hands on my waist.

I should also mention I was sick as poop that day! I almost passed out standing in the "Groo Pit" and had to chug down ridiculous amounts of water. But damn if I wasn't going on this flippin' date I still wanted to go on the date but was not overly excited about it. Luckily, the verge of death passed as soon as Dave took the stage. The night ended up being so incredible we joked about how impossible the first date was going to be to top. The past year has proven, time and time again, it's not impossible. He never fails to make me feel like the luckiest girl alive.
At the DMB Concert, 7/28/10, and then a year later at his sister Carrie's wedding, 6/11/11 
If that was too much mush for you, I highly recommend you steer clear of this blog come October when it's our actual 1 year anniversary. And yes- it did take until October for us to officially call ourselves official. To my knowledge, we were exclusive from the start but it doesn't count until they awkwardly ask you to be their girlfriend. :) The more awkward the better!

Now for the window shopping spree!
I can't believe it's time to pretend to spend money again already! Weeks go quick. But fake money is always there. Thank goodness. This week's window shopping spree should really just be called "Krystina could waste an afternoon on the Restoration Hardware site" seeing as that's where more than half of this comes from. I was fantasizing about not living in an apartment and actually having the money, space, oh and did I mention money? to go all out and have an incredible home. Blah blah home is where the heart is blah blah blah as long as you make it yours you don't need material things. Right, got it. Let's put all that aside for just a minute and indulge in these incredible things you will never find in my house. Oh but they'd look so nice!! Let me reiterate, last weeks list, some of those things were doable with a little saving. With this list- that is not even remotely true! A girl can fantasize.

1. Adorable cubby holes- Pottery Barn is a haven for all decorations that look old but are brand new. Yes, please, and thank you! I have no clue what I would keep in those tiny cubby holes, but does that even matter?
2. Old rustic looking shelves with ladder- Courtesy of Restoration Hardware, this is the sort of thing that you would consider unsafe if you came across the real thing in an actual abandoned shipyard. But if you charge me a lot of money for it, I'll want it. Point here being, I want it.
3. Cozy looking wingback bed- I want to wake up here, not get out of bed for hours on end, and finish many books here. That just looks delicious.
4. Door looking room divider- I assume it's obvious at this point that I'm amazing at making up names for products. I don't know why I love this but I think it would be happy in my make believe house.
5. Gi-freakin-normous trunk that's actually a desk-y office type thing- I'm sorry, how awesome is this?!  It makes no sense whatsoever but it's incredible. Restoration Hardware should also seriously reconsider renaming it, with my title. It's much more fitting.
6. Greatest outdoor furniture set known to man- I call it this referring to the entire package- fire pit and ocean front view included. Was that not part of the price? Strange. You need to really peruse all of the collection to get the whole wonderfulness of it, queen size daybed and all!
There you have it ladies and gentlemen- this weeks very luxurious and fanciful installment of my window shopping spree. It took a serious toll on my non-existent bottomless bank account. I'll have to work some make believe over time to get ready for next week. 


Angie Lee said...

I'm so glad you found each other...and I'm so glad you are mush bags. so sweet. you make him so happy. and that makes me happy. xoxo!!!

p.s. i need that bed.

Anonymous said...

I love numbers 2 and 5. How creative!

Happy anniversary of the day you two met :D

New follower from 20SB :D

~Sarah the Writer

cssolomon said...

Awe thats sweet :) I missed Dave Matthews when he came to our town, but my husband likes to remind me any time a DMB song is on the radio about the time he met him once in a bar. Sheesh, lol. Our first concert together was Pat Benatar! LOL - I had to hear "Love is a Battlefield" :)

AB HOME Interiors said...

OK, so I know you said like a gazillion things, but Im still hung up on "I was sick as poop,"....and," how ridiculous I felt when he would put his hands on my waist." So incredibly sweet. Especially the things we do for love !!