My name is Krystina and I'm a Pinterest-aholic...

This is the part where you all say, in unison, "Hi Krystina!"

But seriously, I've never come across a more lovely assistant to my procrastination. Perhaps this post comes a little late as most of you have probably "been there, done that." For those who haven't- Pinterest is a site geared towards the design savvy/fashion savvy/crafty/cooking/cutesy public. It allows you to sort of visually bookmark inspirations on as many pinboards as you'd like, themed and titled however you like. For example, I have 11 boards-
*Look SO Grood- for all my fashion geared pictures
*Home Sweet Home- for home design ideas
*Craftacular- for things I will make at some point
*Someday...- for the "something old, something new" part of life
*Yummy- for recipes I find irresistable
*Happy Thoughts- for quotes that make me smile
*A-door-bell- for pictures that I just find, well, adorable!
*Window Shopping- for when I have extra spending money
*Adventure is Out There- for exciting places I want to go
*Gives me the Giggles- self explanatory... lol
*Let's Get Physical- for work out inspiration

The pictures I pin on these boards can then serve as either inspiration photos on their own OR as actual bookmarks that link me back to either recipes or how-to's for certain things. LOVE!!

I guarantee if you spend just 5 minutes on the site, you'll be hooked. The site does work by invitation only though, so if you put your email address in, it may take a little while to receive your invite. BUT! If you give me your email address, I can send you an invite immediately if not sooner... you know you want to!

I look forward to seeing you all waste time like I do and I plan to steal and repin many of all of your pins. So get to it!!

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