Wish! {Out loud}

Sunday, already?

It's been another hot week here in Central Florida which always blows my mind when I see how cold it still is everywhere else! I realize it's almost Spring but we are a far ways from Summer.
Dear Weather-
It is far too early for me to start sweating before I can even turn my car on! Please fix this!

The ladies and I behind Wish! {out loud} have decided to make this link-up a monthly occurrence. Starting with this month, we'll be hosting the link-up the first Sunday of each month.
That way you'll have a chance to think up a good wish, get it posted, and work on making yours and others come true!
If you're new to this link-up- Welcome! Check out what its all about here.
Wish out loud

Here's how it works-
1. Grab the button and attach it to your post

2. Get your wish post up on your own blog! If you've already played along, either introduce a new wish or let us know how this one is going. 

3. Go to any of the 3 hostesses blogs to link-up
(They're connected so you only have to add it on one!)

4. Start hopping around to the others participating and see how you can help!

Now for the wishing part...
This week, as inspired by my last half marathon, I wish I could get my pace up on my runs.
I want to specify, and you'll read more about it this week when I post about the Princess Half, I'm insanely proud of how well I did! But I do run in intervals and I want to train up to running for longer periods than I am now. 
I know some of you are fellow runners so any training tips you've got-
PLEASE send them my way!

So there's this month's wish for me! Join up on the fun so I can head over and try to make some of your wishes come true too. Hoping you're all having a lovely end to your weekend...
Till next time-

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