Welcome March...

Happy March everyone!!! 
I know I say this frequently but- wasn't it just New Year's?
We're already on the 3rd month of the year.

At the start of every month, I realize I get very "fresh new start! Be more awesome!" and if it gets old for anyone... well... avoid my blog right around the first of every month.
I strongly believe in the idea of giving yourself a fresh start with not only every new month but also every new day!

My big thing right now is trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. Even if I attempt this time and time again, I'm thinking the repetition will help me stick to it at some point. That's the beauty of waking up to a new day. 
Even if I stuffed my face with cupcakes yesterday, I can still wake up today, go for a run, and grab a banana instead of a candy bar!
I'm planning to use my life planner this month to really track how I stick to my health plan...
Here's hoping!!

The first of the month is also the time I post my picture a day for the past month...
I failed miserably at this for the better part of this past month! I'd venture to say I missed about the first half. I had planned to follow along the photo a day challenge...whoops! I have the list for March and I'm planning to be much better about it.
For real.
I promise.

I still wanted to share some of the awesomeness that happened this month. Including, but not limited to, the person and my post Valentine's- Valentine's Day and my 25th Birthday/Quarter life crisis stay cation! 
Check it out!

So, now it's time to tackle March. As a 25 year old. Uff.
I'm feeling crazy blessed lately so I'm excited to see what I'll have to report this time next month...
How was everyone else's February? Did that extra day bring any fun and excitement to your life?
Hoping this post finds everyone happy, healthy, and hopeful for the month of March!

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