Wish! {Out loud}

Another Wish!{out loud} Sunday!
Which is also Super Bowl Sunday...

Not only will both my person and I be working straight through the entirety of the Superbowl-
I could not care less!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE college football and have just never managed to get behind a pro team. They just don't play with the same heart. However, if we were talking basketball, I love college and the NBA!! 
But since it's the biggest night in the NFL... I don't so much mind working at both my jobs! 

Now- Wish time!!
As always, check out the intro post if you're new to the concept!

Wish out loud

Here's the rundown...

1. Grab the button and attach it to your post

2. Get your wish post up on your own blog! If you've already played along, either introduce a new wish or let us know how this one is going. 

3. Go to any of the 3 hostesses blogs to link-up
(They're connected so you only have to add it on one!)

4. Start hopping around to the others participating and see how you can help!

This week, my wish is-
I wish I could turn my brain off more often to read as much as I'd like to...
I LOVE books. Always have. But I feel like the older I get, the more challenging it is for me to focus on putting everything else on hold and just reading.
Does anyone else have this problem?
I set a goal for myself to finish a book a month this year... Seems like an easy enough goal!
I'm still on my January book.
So here's wishing I can actually get back to my love of reading!!
Tips welcome!

Off to check out more wishes! I hope everyone enjoys their Super Bowl Sundays and keeps it tame enough to be able to start your week off right.

Here's hoping each week is better than the last... Especially as I creep closer to my birthday...


Holly said...

Yay! Someone else who isn't a Super Bowl fan! I'm not either, but that's probably because I live in the wrong country, heheh.

Just dropping by from Hollie's #FF.

diary of this girl - megan said...

hi there! i wish i took more time to read, too. i love a good book! also, i nominated your blog for an award over on my page :)

Ashley Marie said...

Reading is for fun... I stopped pressuring myself to read for deadlines and found I read much more and enjoy it more too! I only read, like, 3 books a year. And actually, I read so I CAN turn off my brain! Its therapeutic!

And hey, at least you got a post up! I totally crapped out!

Jes said...

cute idea! I'll have to link up next time :)

Robin said...

I hope the reason you haven't blogged much recently is because you are
1. busy reading all the books you want to
2. busy running your booty off
3. buying fashionable clothes to show off.

Hope to see you blog soon!!

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Kristin said...

I'm so with you. I'm a Gator football fanantic! But pro football? Eh!