A Pre-Birthday/Ruby Red Window Shopping Spree...

Hey...Hey... HEY!!!
Guess what?!?
Tomorrow's my birthday!!

I've been dreading turning 25 for at least the past few months and for some reason, this week I've been so excited!!
I've had a phenomenal first part of my staycation- loads of yummy food and some wonderful friends!
(spoken like a true fat kid!) There's still a whole lot more to come in the next week so I'm thrilled. It's going to be busy and chances are I'll be exhausted by the end... but I'm ok with that!

Tomorrow is the also the Princess Half Marathon Expo so I'll be starting my day by going to pick up my race packet... AHHH!!!
What a way to start my next year of life- by proving to myself once again that I can run 13.1 miles all at one time!

Since it is indeed my birthday, I like to treat myself. I'm indulging in outings and food and planning on a little bitty shopping spree at some point.
Since I've been trying to decide what to focus my mini shopping spree on, I thought it would be a good day to bring back...

Window Shopping Spree Thursday!!

Oh, I seriously missed doing these!
This week I'm sharing a little shopping list I've been putting together lately. For some reason, I'm growing increasingly more and more fond of red accents in my wardrobe. I've been rocking my red wayfarers for over a year now and I will seriously wear them with anything!
I've been wanting to add red pieces to my wardrobe so here's what I'm thinking...

1. Red Shorts- I'm not sure when I decided I was brave enough to venture into colored bottoms... goodness knows my curvy bum may not be the best silhouette for colored pants, but I seriously want these!
2. Red Headband- I found this one on etsy and I LOVE it. Confession- my desire for a red headband stems directly from my current obsession with Gossip Girl. And in this case, obsession is an understatement... whoops!
3. Red Cardigan- I recently cleaned out my closet and I kid you not, the majority of my closet is sweaters and cardigans. And still, all I can think of when I look at that chunk is "How do I not have a red one?!"
4. Red Toms- I actually started wanting these when I saw them on an 8 year old who came to my show... Is it wrong to take fashion inspiration from an 8 year old?
5. Red Big Bag- Fossil?! I'm shocked! This may not be the first time this bag shows up on my blog, but it's the first time I've had it here in red!!!
6. Red belt- I've come to find lately, that any shirt or dress can be made a million times more fabulous with a color pop belt! So I want one in red.

...Have I gone over board with this whole "red" thing?!...
I'm ok with that though!
We all go through color spouts.
I'm loving bright colors in general right now. Bring on more blues, greens, and yellows! But for some reason, my wardrobe is just screaming for these accent pieces...
I do still have another week of staycation...
I'll let you know if I go through on any of these purchases!

Hope everyone has a wonderful "My Birthday!" tomorrow! Have a cupcake in my honor! :)


Kristin said...

Happy happy bday! Love that bag!

Ross said...

Happy Birthday and good luck in the race! Great way to start the next 25 years of your life!

Crystal said...

Happy (kind of late now) Birthday! *makes you a birthday button*

I suggest Birthday Cake Oreos!!

Julie Marie said...

happy birthday! and i think your thoughts on the red built is a great idea... i may have to go get one for myself for my birthday that...um was a month ago=)

Tabitha Mahoney said...

I'm shocked that bag is Fossil too, love it.

Happy birthday!!


Emily Hope said...

Ha-ha - is it wrong that I own a pair of red toms?! Perhaps that 8 year old is just fashionably mature?

Kinsey Michaels said...

happy belated birthday girly!!! and i absolutely love the red shorts, you should get em'!