Wish! {out loud}

Happy Sunday, everybody!!
A post on Sunday?!?
That can only mean one thing...

The return of the Wish! {out loud} link up with the ever so lovely Ashley Marie from Chickadette and Robin from fly far. fly free. They were super on the ball and got posts up last week and I totally flaked out! :/ Sorry ladies!! But I'm very happy to report, I'm back in the game!!

Let's resume the wish making/granting, shall we?!
(If you're totally lost, check out the original intro post then head back over here to play along!)

Wish out loud

Just like the last weeks, here's what you gotta do!
1. Grab the button and attach it to your post

2. Get your wish post up on your own blog! If you've already played along, either introduce a new wish or let us know how this one is going. 

3. Go to any of the 3 hostesses blogs to link-up
(They're connected so you only have to add it on one!)

4. Start hopping around to the others participating and see how you can help!

This week, I'm going to sort of go off of the post I did last time I played along with Wish! {out loud}:
I wish I would make it a point to actually get put together with legitimate outfits more often...

You see, having jobs where I always put on costumes means I tend to wear sweats and work out clothes fairly often. My goal is to wear things easy to get in and out of to make changing before and after shows as easy as possible!

So, blog land, someone out there, make me accountable!! Remind me to play along with "What I Wore Wednesdays" and ask me every now and then to post a picture of what I wore today! Maybe that will force me to put a little more effort in!

My poor person, he more often than not sees me in pajamas or outfits that could easily pass for pajamas... Lucky for me, he tells me regularly how lucky he feels that I'm so gorgeous first thing in the morning.
What a sweet, sweet lie.
But I'll take it!
And keep him of course!

Now that thats out of the way- time to link up everyone! Can't wait to go snoop around and see what I can help you all out with!! Enjoy the rest of your weekends!


Nicole said...

What an interesting blog hop!

Ashley Marie said...

Dresses! You need tons of dresses. I'm having a horrid time dressing myself now that I have added about 25 pounds to my physique... I have decided that I will just try for one awesome outfit a week (I find it actually inspires me to dress maybe one or two times more) that way I can do the link ups (because they are such a great way to meet other bloggers!)

You know what I do? I keep a folder in my picture album on my laptop and any time I see a model or celebrity or blogger who posts an outfit that I 1. have similar pieces or 2. have a similar physique then I save it and click through it on days I'm not inspired at all. It really helps!

Robin said...

Ashley is right, dresses are awesome because you don't have to worry about finding too many matching pieces. You just slip it on and go. But dresses are a drastic change from sweatpants. I'd start with changing the sweats to jeans that fit and adding a scarf. I am totally into scarves..you can wear them so many ways and they add color and texture to an outfit!

You can do it! Stay motivated and look cute for yourself & your man!

..i'll be waiting for an outfit of the day post soon!

Mrs. Darcy said...

If all else fails, accessorize! Adding a few cute accessories can spruce up any outfit!


cssolomon said...

Ok, so I was given a liebster award the other day, so in turn I am presenting you with the same prestigous award :) Its on my latest blog, but no pressure to reblog! Have a great week!

Robin said...

Hi pretty lady, I just posted my outfit of the day. Where is yours?!?! :] Just checking in!