Oh How Pinteresting...

Hello loves!!! 
Wait... it's Wednesday again?! How did that happen?
I clearly stepped into some type of time portal device because, somehow,  my last post was on a Wednesday and yet here we are... one week later...
I'm so sorry folks! I'm determined to get better about it and REALLY will start pre planning my posts. 
As soon as my life planner comes in the mail!!! I did indeed finally hunker down and order an Erin Condren Life Planner and I'm SO excited to get it, I feel like a 5 year old waiting for Christmas... or just me waiting for Christmas. Of course I could get organized without it. I just don't want to. 
I'm sure you'll all be excited for me to show that off in a post very soon!

And now, since it is of course Wednesday and one of my favorite linkup days- I'm back with Michelle for "Oh How Pinteresting..."


If any of you STILL haven't joined in on the pinteresting bandwagon- do yourself a favor and jump in!! You'll be so glad you did! And of course- join in on the link up fun too.

Most weeks, I do a smorgasbord that just has some of my favorites from all over the place. 
This week, I was inspired to share what my real focus was-
eating well!

I'm officially training up to do my 2nd Disney Princess Half Marathon and I'm trying to feed my body right to give it the fuel it needs to get across the finish line. 
Here's some of what I've found so far...

I love this! Just a quick little go to. Especially when I'm running a lot I get hungry SO much more often and  I'm always wondering what I should snack on.

I've really been wanting to get on this smoothie thing thats going around. I LOVE smoothies. I also love juice. Why not make this healthy snack/meal part of my daily routine?

Banana, almonds, and oatmeal in a healthy smoothie? Ummm- yes, please, and thank you!

And since I am human... and cooking at home is much healthier than take out- Some real food. Because I would die without it!

4 words- Buffalo. Chicken. Pizza. Rolls. Try telling me this didn't just make you hungry.

Spinach and pesto grilled cheese. It has spinach in it... That counts for something, right?

And Cinnamon roll cupcakes. No redeeming quality except I'm sure they're delicious!

So there it is! My food-filled "Oh How Pinteresting!" I'm determined to actually make this stuff this year. It's only the 11th- I have time right?

Now, of course, I get to go fill my boards with all of your loveliness! I hope hump day finds you all well!
Till next time...


Shane said...

Drooling over those buffalo chicken rolls, yum!

Kristina said...

Those Buffalo chicken rolls look insane! The banana and oatmeal smoothie is really good. I've made it before.

Cheryl E. said...

Oh that cupcake looks delish. I totally have cupcakes on the brain today as I pinned all cupcakes on todays link up...Yummmm

Cute blog! You have a new follower :)


Ashley @ Places To Go, Things To Buy said...

Ooo that food looks so good! I finally gave in a bought an Erin Condren life planner as well and I love it!! Its amazing!

Julie said...

Love that first pin! I'm always trying to figure out when I should eat what...Nice to have a little bit of insight into the right answer!
Hope you're having a fabulous Wednesday!!

Amanda said...

I need to learn more about this Disney Princess half... I am trying to break into running too ;) Good luck and awesome pins!

Thanks for sharing, happy Wednesday!

Ashley said...

ah the spinich pesto is seriously calling my name!!

Nela said...

I like the banana oatmeal smoothie recipe. Sounds delicious! And the Buffalo Chicken Pizza Rolls look heavenly! Gotta try that sometime. :) Thanks for sharing!

Ashley said...

That buffalo chicken pizza roll looks amazing!

lsaz said...

I love the top foods for runners. And the grilled cheese and buffalo pizza rolls -- YUM!


Lori said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me! Your blog design is super cute and I love all of your pins! Definitely going to have to start following you :)

Ashlyn said...

I am obsessed with my EC planner -- really is life changing! That's awesome about the half -- I did a full marathon last march & it was the best experience ever. Love all your pins ESP the top foods for runners.

Happy Wednesday


Erin said...

The EC planner will change your life. Bought myself one in November and I love it! I say you try out the buffalo chicken with us over next time! It was awesome by itself, I can't wait to see what that tastes like!!!