Wish! {out loud}

Sunday, already?!
Hello loves! I hope your weekends were relaxing, however short lived they may have been.

I may have jumped the gun when I claimed I had 10 days off...
I picked up an extra day of shows.
Considering what I do... I honestly don't mind! Not even a little.

Being Sunday, it's time for Wish! {out loud} !! 
Once again, Robin, Ashley, and I are hosting this fun link-up that encourages people to make a wish and to hop around seeing if there's anything you might be able to do to help grant them! 
Want to know more?
Check out the intro post from a few weeks back...

Just like the last weeks, here's what you gotta do!
1. Grab a button and attach it to your post

2. Get your wish post up on your own blog! If you've already played along, either introduce a new wish or let us know how this one is going. 

3. Go to any of the 3 hostesses blogs to link-up
(They're connected so you only have to add it on one!)

4. Start hopping around to the others participating and see how you can help!

Wish out loud

The last couple of weeks, I've expressed my wish to start a Central Florida Blogger meet-up. I've been so excited to get some amazing leads and I'm starting to meet some really incredible new bloggers! I've been finding that just putting this wish out into the universe, I started to come across so many bloggers talking about meet-ups and I'm already getting big ideas. Planning some big things and can't wait unveil some of it- but all in due time!

**This week-**
I wish I had a personal stylist!
Too much?

Alright, so obviously none of you are going to drop everything and come dress me on a daily basis! lol But! I'm sure there are ways some of you could help me out!
SOOOO many of you out there are so fashion savvy that I have no doubt I'm asking the right group of people-
Help me learn to dress myself!!

I'm not quite 5' tall and I have an hourglass shape- top business and curvy hips but a tiny waist.
I LOVE j. crew and anthropologie.

So who wants to play stylist?
I'm looking for anything from tips, to a list of staples I should have in my closet, or if you're totally bored- head to polyvore.com and REALLY pretend you're my personal stylist!
I welcome as much fun and creativity as you want to have with this.
AND- GO! I am officially your Barbie doll!

I feel like that was such a silly wish for this week... Just thought it would be fun!!  But for now, its time to go see who out there I can help out! Happy Sunday, everyone! Keep those wishes alive and pass along the happy thoughts!


Ashley Marie said...

Not silly at all! I want to be a personal stylist! For reals!!!

I have a bunch of long distance friends who send me photos of themselves dressed for parties and such asking my opinion if they should change anything or which scarf to wear or what jewelry to match with it. It's a lot of fun!

I've never had much luck with Polyvore... I can't figure the dang thing out to be honest! I should revisit it though... seeing how it's been a few years since I've tried, lol!

Deidre said...

I am no help at all for this wish! I choose function over fashion every time (which is why for the most part you'll see me rocking jcrew cords and t-shirts 90% of the time!).

BUT I did just post a link in my blog about a "blogger map" hosted by latte love that might help you with your blogger meet up!

Lost&Found said...

I would LOVE a personal stylist! Or more then that, I wish I had limitless funds! I would look damn good if I could afford anything/everything I wanted, LOL. Love this link up! I just posted my wish!


Amanda said...

Silly, but honest! One of my good friends is actually starting her own personal styling business, too bad you don't live near me and I could offer up her services :)

Ross said...

I just posted a new message so my next will be about my wish but it's coming along great. I'm in the planning stages of creating my Etsy shop and have asked my readers help me in naming it. Any suggestions??