My Thanksgiving/November Recap...

Happy December, loves!!

May I be the first to say- what the hell happened to this year?! Seriously people, it has flown by and its making me feel all philosophical. (Go with me on this...)
You know how when we're young, a year seems to last an eternity? But then the older we get, time just starts moving faster and faster until it's this unstoppable snowball? Does our mind legitimately register time differently as we get older and our thoughts are filled with an endless amount of concrete information, and worries, and memories? Are years so long when we're young because there seems to be an endless amount of possibilities and imagination? 
No? Just me?
...Very well then.

What with it being a week since Thanksgiving and officially the start of December, I figured today was my last chance to post my Thanksgiving recap!

For the new followers- Hi, welcome, I'm Cuban and my holiday meal included black beans and rice. 
Feel free to be jealous because when Abuelita (Grandma in Spanish) hits the kitchen for holiday meals, the result is nothing short of DELICIOUSNESS. This year being no different. 
I thought you all might appreciate my family/ Thanksgiving warm fuzzies in a lovely little photo drop!

My Pumpkin Pie cupcakes- literally just my vanilla cupcake recipe with the entirety of a pumpkin pie filling mixed in!
Came out so delicious and served with whipped cream on top!
Step 1 of my first homemade Pecan Pie! Used my Williams-Sonoma pie crust leaf shapes to jazz it up...
The ridiculously yummy finished product... In hindsight, I should've made two pecan pies.

My full addition to the meal- the desserts! A whole lot of pumpkin and pecan goodness.

Me, showing off my goodness once I set them out at my sister's house

The lovely ladies of my family- Me, My Mommy, and my gorgeous sister

And of course, all our generations so far, we added in my Abuelita on my Mom's side

So, I swear my dad was there too!! I didn't realize I hadn't gotten a picture of him on my camera... :( But he does exist and he is an awesomely handsome rockstar of a Daddy.

Sadly, my sister's husband and my person were missing from the festivities. Mickey Mouse had other plans for them and required they both make other families have awesome Thanksgivings. I promise we saved them leftovers!

So, you may remember my picture a month I did for October? Well I repeated it again this month! Check out how November looked in my life-

And finally- My giveaway winner!! I can't thank you all enough for your awesome participation in this giveaway! I wish I could send you all some delicious hot chocolate. Hopefully, as I keep coming across appropriately themed goodies, I'll do more fun things like this. But this time, the winner was-
Which was.....
Alyssa from Ten Feet Off Beale
Congrats lady!! Make sure you send me your info so I can hopefully get your goodies sent off to you ASAP! :) 

So... November wasn't too shabby in my world. But- I'm really looking forward to it being the Christmas season. 
I love the first day of every month. It's such a refreshing new beginning... Whatever may have made you stumble the month before- screw it! This month has no idea what you did or didn't do last month! It's another shot to show the world you can be better than you've been. Like a mini New Year. 

Happy New Month, everyone.
Let's take December by storm and finish up 2011 on a high note.


Alyssa said...

YAY!!! I'm so excited!! THANKS!

Ruthie Hart said...

look at you miss baker in the kitchen!! Congrats to Alyssa!

Rebecca said...

you need your own cookbook =]

Joelle said...

Looks delicious! I'm really impressed that you did a pecan pie...I'm not really ready to try that one yet.

Oh, and my grandma's Cuban too. No rice and beans on Thanksgiving, but we definitely have them for every other meal!


Shane Prather said...

Thoes pumpkin pie cupcakes look delicious! Recipe?

Ashley said...

You ladies are gorgeous!

J.Ashley said...

I am so glad I stumbled across your blog. I love it already your a great writer and take some wonderful pictures. I love the cupcakes


Marian said...

Those are some very nice looking desserts! I love to make desserts for holiday dinners too!

KY said...

What a fun post! I love the idea of taking 1 photo a month and sharing it.

Your Thanksgiving treats look sooooooo yummy!!!!!

Ashley Marie said...

seriously jealous


black beans & rice? psht! lucky girl!

aaaaand now my bebe belly wants some too (at least now I know what I'll be having for lunch tomorrow!)

loooooove the pics of the month shtuff

Michelle said...

I couldn't agree with you more...this year has FLOWN by!!!!! I can't believe it's almost over!!!

And your desserts look Ah-mah-zing!!!!! I love pecan pie! It's my fave!!!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

All your desserts sound delish!!! And what a pretty bunch of ladies in your family! :)