2 more sleeps till Christmas!!

Im baaaaack!!!
Happy Christmas Eve Eve everybody!
... yes, I did just go there.

Wisconsin was absolutely perfect and I have so many fantastic pictures from the wedding that I'll be sharing soon- I promise!!
We're going to ignore the whole "got home, got sick" thing and just move right into Christmas awesomeness!!

First things first... I have to call someone out...
Dear Mommy-
My readers are very sad you never sent me old Christmas pictures so I couldn't do the post I was planning.
Since it's Christmas, I'll look past that. Maybe you can redeem yourself by sending me the pictures tonight so I can do the post tomorrow... I'll be watching my inbox when you get home tonight.
I love you!!!

Any hoot-
I wanted to share what Christmas looks like here at our place!! We kind of got a late start, but it's definitely Christmas in here... So enjoy!!

 We actually decided to go minimalistic this year. Its a tech tree. You hang lights on it.
Yeah ok... what kind of Christmas freak would I be if I actually did that?! I still thought it was hilarious because we did have that sitting in our tree spot until we put up our real tree. 
The joys of dating an entertainment lighting tech- you have things like this handy!

Can't start decorating without some eggnog in our moose mugs! So awkward to hold but Im so happy we have these!! If you don't get it, you don't know Christmas. 

 So... the spider santa. (Sorry Roxanne!!) This is actually a great story.
As I mentioned before, the person LOVES halloween! This guy was part of our balcony decor for his holiday. After all that stuff came down, we realized this guy some how got forgotten.
We joked around about just adding hats to make him fit the current holiday...
So the person came home to find a santa hat on him.
Merry Christmas.
I. am. awesome.

Christmas garland!! Ignore the kitchen. The person is in charge of all things holiday lighting, and this is part of his kick booty-ness. 

More kick booty garland and lights over our stockings I made for us last year. Might I add- last year before I had a sewing machine, I had to do those babies by hand! Means they're made with more love!
And yes- we're watching best of SNL- Christmas Special! We are full of Christmas class.

Finally tree time!
My handsome person bringing in our 9' tree. Aint he cute!! :) 

Blurry dog wants to help. I thought this was too funny not to add to the mix! 

After all the manual labor and doing his part (lighting the tree- he is a lighting guy after all!), the boy and the pup needed a nap...
This is my life. 
I love it.

Me doing my part, setting up the ornaments! I was so worried a real tree wouldn't be able to handle my ornaments. My family has always done the Hallmark ornaments. For years, we've all had our specific collections that we add on to every year. My sister has the eskimos and I have the fisher price toys just to name a couple. Now that my sister and I work for the mouse and can't come home for Christmas, my mom divvied up the ornaments so we could keep growing our collections. Of course theres also the ornaments that have sentimental value and the sprinkled in random balls and jingle bells to fill it all in. Thats how you make up the magic that is your own Christmas tree!!
Can you tell I love it?

The finished product!
The skirt and the bows are hand me downs from my mom...
Next year I have big plans to quilt a skirt and make my own bows!
You should probably stick around to see how all that comes out. 

 Decided this year I wanted to start a Christmas village. These are my very first pieces! My mom has always had a kick booty one- snow, a ski lift, mountains, a backdrop, brick roads, and a whole slew of houses. But you have to start somewhere! For me, I started with the hardware shop, the gingerbread bakery, and a Christmas tree farm. 

Santa delivered the presents early!! I'm not sure if these pictures truly capture the epic-ness that is the amount of presents going on under that tree right now! It's out of control! Obviously, someone was very good this year. I cannot wait for Christmas! I hope everyone loves their presents as much as I loved getting them!

I hope everyone is geared up and ready for the holidays! I'm seeing everyones statuses going up about family coming in and getting ready to go see family- I can't help but smile. This is what the holidays are about. Wonderful times making memories with the ones you love. My family comes in tomorrow. I work all through the holiday but I like to think of it as just another way to celebrate.

Good luck getting your last minute things ready! What do you have left to do? I for one will be baking up a storm tonight... I wonder if theres time to make cupcake flags...


kaity said...

the moose mugs are from Christmas Vacation, right?
...I think?
[don't hurt me - I haven't watched this movie in ages! I should probably remedy that pretty soon]

Lyndsay said...

We have moose mugs too! :) All of your decorations look great!

Merry Christmas!

Ruthie Hart said...

I say sleeps too!

Marian said...

Beautiful tree! And I love the christmas village!