Motivate me Monday!!

Oh, hi!!
I sure have fallin' off the "Motivate Me Monday" bandwagon... Sorry Ashley!! I am a terrible horrible person and am still at my plateau because of it. :( 
So- it's time to get back on!!

For this week, MMM was supposed to focus on trying something outside of your comfort zone...
I would have to be in a work out regiment already in order to do this... I really feel guilty about this actually. Do you all have trouble jumping back into things when you've spent a while away from it? I have so many grand plans to be kick booty and yet I haven't kicked my booty into gear! At all.

I have every intention of getting back into Insanity. Have any of you tried it? It is hard core, make you wanna vomit, good luck just jumping into it. No joke! So in order to get to a point where I can even stand a chance in those videos, I have to build back up to it- enter p90x. You know the videos are hard core when p90x is a stepping stone to it... So this week I really need to make it a point to atleast do 3 days of p90x. Holidays are here people- I won't be sacrificing my favorite holiday goodies so time to step up the work out!

Last time I did one of these posts, I said I'd be setting goals for myself and adding on to them each week. My first goal was to always pack healthy snacks so I wouldn't buy things like pop tarts at work... Up until a few days ago I was perfect at this!! Then I had a pop tart. Thank goodness I have a friend that wouldn't let me make that mistake a second time. (Thanks ShawnOl!!)
This weeks addition to the goals list is-
2. Drink 3 bottles of water a day.
I am TERRIBLE at drinking water. I do not ever stay hydrated.
I'm serious.
Apparently, often when you think you're hungry you're really just dehydrated. Maybe this will help me out! So to review, the goals are now-
1. Pack healthy snacks for work.
2. Drink 3 bottles of water a day.

I promise next week I'll join in on the actual prompts set up for MMM!
Have you been needing some motivation?
Join in on this awesome link up so we can all help each other!
Getting healthy is tough... But! I WILL get there.

Here's a few pins I've come across lately to help me get going! 

Here's hoping each week I'm better and more motivated than the last! :) And for any and all of you out there working toward being healthier- you can do it!! And know you aren't alone in this journey!

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Yvonne said...

I did 2 rounds of P90X& a round of Insanity + used them to train for my half marathon turned 10k due to injury!

And yes. I definitely neeeed goals to make myself get back into the routine. That half marathon looming over my head in 15wks sure is a good motivator!!

Deidre said...

You go!

I've been drinking more water because my doctor said that my severe pain episodes might be kidney stone related, nothing makes me drink water faster than the thought that staying hydrated could prevent THAT pain!

Ashley said...

i love when friends step in and help you stick to your goals. im glad you did so well!!! good luck on the rest:)

birdie to be said...

Great post & motivation. I am trying to do the same since getting engaged and getting married next summer!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

O man, I am SO bad at getting motivated too. Id rather pin things about working our than actually work out!

Ruthie Hart said...

Water tip....get a bubba keg and a plastic reusable straw and keep it with you all day! You will drink water like crazy!

Marian said...

Good luck! I love when I come across motivational pins like that. The littlest things can really help!

Ly said...

Thanks for the motivation. I for sure needed it today.


191 ORCHARD said...

great article! such a good reminder that i DO NOT drink nearly enough water. thanks for sharing!


Ty and Whitty said...

I loved reading your post. I totally know what you mean about how it is hard to get back into it after you haven't do.e it I. A while. So I just tell myself start today. There is no better day than today except maybe yesterday. You can do it. Oh and yes I have done insanity. I freakin love it and recommend it to so many people. Infact I think I am going to do it again. Good job on your goal of healthy snacks. I need to work on drinking more water too so let's do it together. Thanks so much for linking up to mmm.

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