Window Shopping Spree- "Stuck on the couch with a cold" Edition!

Today I was planning on doing another fancy pants outfit with a price tag that makes me want to hurl.

But my throat hurts and my body aches and I don't really feel like looking up that sort of stuff-
I just want to look up some comfy cozy "stay on the couch all day" goodness. When I was little and I'd have to go home early from school, my mom liked to put together care packages to make me feel better.
**Thanks Mommy! lol**
Toys, treats, random odds and ends to keep me entertained! This is no different.

Forgive me if this is boring to any of you, but this is a collection of what I wish was with me to waste a day doing nothing when I feel like poop! Fancy shmancy and cool/exciting will resume next week!

For now- I'm dreaming of these lovely purchases...

1. U Shaped Body Pillow- I have wanted this forever!!! It's so fantastically unnecessary and my pets would totally get jealous because nothing else would fit on the couch with me- but I would SO cuddle up to this. Delicious.
2. The Nook Color- Another product I REALLY don't need. I have an iPad... It has a Nook app... Oh well!! I also happen to be of the "I like having real books to then put on the bookshelf" mindset. But! When I'm sick on the couch, my area tends to get over run with medicine, and tissues, and books, and magazines, and any other obnoxious thing you can think of. This would at least eliminate the number of books!
3. A Kate Spade Case for said Nook Color- If I'm going to get an unnecessary tech item, I obviously need an unnecessary case for it. That's just common sense people.
4. Rosetta Stone in Italian- I want to learn Italian SO bad! If I have no choice but to remain on the couch, why not take advantage of having nothing else to devote my attention to? Can you imagine- "I had a cold so I started learning Italian! I got the stomach virus and thats when I really mastered it!" I think it's brilliant.
5. Nancy Drew Computer Games- Whoops, is my geek showing?! I'm really not a gamer by any means, but at some point in college I started buying these games to do "non-course work related, mindless fun" and I never turned back. There are 25 games in the series so far and I'm only missing 6... They're such a blast though!! You solve the mystery-adventure game, as Nancy Drew, and go through all these really hard puzzles in the process. Oh dear... I just gave up some serious cool points revealing that... I'm sure the image of me on a couch, surrounded by snot rags in no way affected my cool points though. Neither did referring to them as "cool points."
6. A snacky treat gift basket- I'm ever so slightly starving with zero motivation to get off this couch to prepare anything for myself... This would come so in handy!! Just reach over and grab something with enough preservatives in it to make it from whatever random store it came from to my coffee table! Yum!

Although I didn't put up a picture of it, mainly because I don't need to purchase it, another big comfort for me is white rice with a fried egg mixed into it. This will more than likely be today's meal of choice (insert brown rice though) as it has been with every cold since the beginning of time. Or just my life. I've always called it "Wehweetoh con fwehfweetoh", which is my phonetic interpretation of how I would always try to say "Arroz con huevo frito" (rice with fried egg in Spanish). But good luck navigating through that phonetic interpretation. lol Maybe I'll say it out loud in a vlog some time soon if you're lucky.

So what do you all do when you're stuck at home, sick? Comforts, wishes, anything you'd be embarrassed to admit happens under such circumstances? Come on, I admitted to my Nancy Drew games!

Till next time...


Sarah @ 90 Percent Blonde... said...

I'm sick right now too - it sucks!

I am loving that pillow but I agree, my dogs would HATE me!

Feel better!

Ruthie Hart said...

girl I hope you start feeling better...YUCKS! And can I have one of those awesome 20 ft long pillows haha

Deidre said...

Feel better!

I love when someone makes me tea. Hot water, half a squeezed lemon and a spoonful of honey! It just tastes better when other people make it!

Crystal said...

The Disney learning centers (Crap, what are they even called now? Stop changing stuff, Disney.) usually have a ton of language cd programs!

Kylee said...

k i'm stuck at home sick as well & I WANT A FLUFFY PILLOW. (ha sorry if you haven't seen 13 going on 30) anyways, I REALLY want that body pillow! and basket of treats. cute post :) & blog, love it!

Jamie said...

I just came down with a massive cold and left work early yesterday, so your post sent me into delightful congested giggles. I spent the afternoon with the windows open in shorts, with a fan blowing on me while I lay on top of three pillows with two blankets over me and watched 13 episodes of Psych. And ate candy because that was the closest thing to the couch, and like you, I didn't want to get up even though I was hungry.
I'm jealous of the fact that you would do great things like learn Italian and play Nancy Drew (which is awesome!) - I just wanted to die because I'm a big baby!

Thanks for your lovely blog - I enjoy reading it!

Tammy @ Lemons, Avocados, & the Bay said...

Haha I loved this.. and that body pillow looks ahhmmmaazzinngg :)

So happy you found my blog, so I could find yours too. Following you now and looking forward to reading more :)

traci's mixed bag said...

I love your list. Imagine that U shaped pillow on one of those giant couches that two people could sleep on comfortably. ahhh heaven. There's something so comforting about the couch, unless you live on the couch.

traci's mixed bag said...

I just watched your video from D Jr.
You're really good, I was really impressed.

Gentri said...

SO excited you visited my blog so I could find yours! Love it! :D I noticed that you work for Disney live. (right?) I used to work for WDW! Awesome. :)

Sarah said...

The fact that you want Nancy Drew computer games makes me so happy. I read all the books as a kid and my grandmother gave me the first game for my 12th birthday. My sister and I had already seen them and thought they looked stupid, but then we got the game and figured we had to play it. And over the last 10 years we've played every single game...well, minus 23. We have it, we just haven't played it yet. :)

Eden said...

I really Enjoyed Your Blog , It's Good .

I hope you will Enjoy Mine As Well


Sarah said...

Hope your feeling better! Love the Kate Spade print. I've also seen a bunch of cute covers on Etsy that are much much more affordable (and unique)!
Sarah @ made in usa challenge

Superficial Sanctuary said...

Gawwwd, I love Nancy Drew! That body pillow looks so crazy, I want it!

Just came across your blog today, really like it! It's so cute!

Ruthanne said...

AHHH! Okay. So hi :) I found your blog via comment love day at FTLOB...I'm pretty sure your Nancy Drew addiction is the coolest thing ever - fellow ND Gamer here! WOOT WOOT! ;) ha. I love your blog - it's so nice and cozy and just, I dunno, chill. You're not uptight or anything, it's like having a cup of hot chocolate with you..so lovely! :)

I will be coming back, mark my words :) have a lovely day!



now maybe I'll finally get a post up about my love of all things Nancy Drew...hehe!