Motivate Me Monday- Baby steps and Some Special Blog Love!

Happy Monday everyone!!

I realize this is the start of the week for pretty much all of you, so I hope you're rested and ready for the week that lies ahead!

It's my friday and that could not come at a better time! That cold I had this past week has decide to leave behind a WHOLE LOT of chest congestion and trying to sing at work has been quite the challenge! Luckily, as I write this, I have 1 more show to get through before I have a day off, followed by a day with just 1 night show, and another day off. Fingers crossed that means I'll get a chance to rest up my vocalizers and let myself get drugged up on mucinex! Such a pleasant image, isn't it? I thought you all might enjoy that!

Alright!! Time for some motivation!!


Awesome news- Ashley has decided to turn Motivate Me Monday into a linkup starting next week. Go check out her blog for some fun prompts and things to think about/include in your post for Monday!

This week, I've decided I need to just start with baby steps! I'm going to, aside from following whatever prompt Ashley sets for readers, set a single goal for myself each week. They'll slowly start to pile onto each other until I just have this awesome conglomeration of things I've incorporated into my lifestyle to make me healthier! Good idea, right? I thought so.

So this week's goal: 
ALWAYS pack good treats to take to work so I don't end up making a trip to the cast cafeteria for "awful for you" snacky treats.

I went grocery shopping recently so I feel prepared for this. I got fruits, yogurts, granola bars, reduced fat cheese snacks, hardboiled eggs (I'm gonna need you to not judge me for buying pre-hard boiled eggs! This is a happy post!), and deli meats. Healthy treats galore! If on a daily basis I'm cutting out the extra calories of a pack of potato chips or poptarts- it's bound to add up sooner or later! There it is folks, baby step number 1!

Now here's a couple pins I've found to help me get and eat healthy-

Now to the blog love!!

First up, Julie from Run. Dream. Cook tagged me for 5 Fall goals! So here they are-
  1. Finish setting up my craft room!! I feel like I can't start any new projects with it like that!
  2. Start my Christmas shopping... I'm not supposed to talk about Christmas till after Halloween... whoops! :P
  3. Start cooking more exciting recipes!! I pin all of these phenomenal looking things on pinterest and I'm always too scared to try any of them. Must get better about that!
  4. Build up my stamina! In my training I stick to doing intervals but I feel the further I go- the walking gets longer and the running get's shorter. Time to work on that!
  5. Start my next quilt! I've had these grand plans to make seasonal quilts for our place... Yeah, that's gone no where fast!

(Now I'm supposed to tag 5 bloggers to challenge them to do the same, but I'm sort of going to cheat and just tag everyone at the end...)

I also got the Versatile Blogger Award from Kate at Stripes and Polka Dots and from MinDog and Metch over at Shitty Fabulous Lives.
For this one I have to give you 7 facts about me-
  1. I only have 1 sister and 2 first cousins. Makes for a teeny tiny immediate family but my extended family is never ending.
  2. When I was little, I pulled the sword out of the stone at Magic Kingdom. I guess I've always had a little Disney magic!
  3. I love singing but I am absolutely horrible at karaoke. For real though- horrible.
  4. I fall asleep on the couch almost every night before I go fall asleep in bed.
  5. My first aol screenname EVER was Catinhat24.
  6. I probably eat cheese and wheat thins on a daily basis. 
  7. I LOVE college football and have never been able to get interested in the NFL. The only pro sport I like is basketball. But that's because the Heat rock my socks so I really have no choice!

And now, to tag 15 new blogs I've found and love-
  1. 20 Going on 80
  2. 90% Blonde
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  8. elegantly academic
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  10. Keep It Classy, Alabama
  11. Lemons, Avocado, and the Bay
  12. Life is a Sunset
  13. Maggiano Takes Austin
  14. Places I Will Go
  15. Ten Feet Off of Beale
Seriously, check out all of these! These ladies are fabulous with some wonderful stories! Don't you just love spreading blog love with blog awards? :)

I realize this was a long post, I just had some housekeeping to get done! Just the same, hope you enjoyed it. Who's going to get motivated with MMM next week? Go check it out and get on it!

Till then-


Ruthie Hart said...

girl....I hope you feel better!! but dang, I am so jealous today is your Friday. Today is been, well, a MONDAY! yuck! and I freaking love the portion thing you posted! I think I may have to pin it (and I eat way more than a golf ball of PB everyday haha) xoxoxo

Rebecca said...

I like the eating whatever veggies you want!! =]

Chelsea said...

Awww, thanks girl! So sweet of you :) I love that you mentioned your first AOL screen name. Blast from the past :)

Ashley said...

hey girl. i love it all:) you rock!!

Alyssa said...

thanks for the love!! :)

Megan said...

I ALWAYS fall asleep on the couch before going to bed! :)

Natalie said...

Love your 5 fall goals. Good luck with all of them. I just posted mine this evening. :)

Glad I stumbled across your cute blog.

Val Fox said...

I LOVE those pins! I hope you're fully recovered by now and thanks so much for the tag!

Jen said...

I just discovered your blog from the weekend blog hop on For the Love of Blogs.

I am your newest follower and PS - I love love love the fall goals idea, I might have to adopt this!