So needless to say, I've sort of fallen off the bandwagon with all of my month goals... Chiefly blogging every day. I will say- I had more checkmarks marked than not over the last few days. That counts for something! The overall idea of the month is still going strong and making me feel fantastic.

Aside from that, the happy thoughts continue on! Today's bright spot- bookshelves! As fun and exciting it is to read digital copies of books, I will never stop buying actual books. This is mainly because I love bookshelves. I dream of someday having a full wall bookshelf with a rolling ladder... It will happen.

I came across this gem of a bookshelf recently via one of the blogs that I follow- Apartment Therapy. It's a simple little fix where you cover a little bookshelf with a curtain. So easy but so cute.

There's so many more simple little fixes that make otherwise bland cookie cutter spaces look personalized. Expect to see more of this sort of thing soon.
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