In the summer of 2006...

...I worked at a summer theatre in Georgia. On top of meeting some of the most incredible people ever, I was also introduced to the glorious art of knitting.

Fast forward 5 years- the scarf I started that summer is still only a quarter of the way done. I went back to school after that summer and told myself I'd keep at it whenever I needed something to relax me. Somehow I just never got around to it. 2 years ago, when I moved away from school, it somehow made the cut of what to keep in the greet keep-toss massacre of 2009. I have to admit, this bundle of aspiring scarf was then lost. No clue how it hid for so long but it was never remotely near my sight lines! It didn't stand a fighting chance as I started all of my new adventures in crafting.

Today, against the wishes of my bed to spend quality time curled up in my duvet, I'm attempting to purge through and clean out as much unnecessary things as possible. It's proving to rival the massacre of 2009 and may someday be known as well. Much to my surprise, I came across the sad little quarter scarf. "Enough is enough!" I actually said this out loud, but then I often speak aloud when I'm alone... (The cats are really thrown off when this happens. I tend to be really quiet during my me time.) 5 years without knitting, there's no way I even remember how! So I decided, if I am incapable of picking this up right now and adding a new row, it's getting tossed. I looked at this conglomeration of red yarn and sewing needles and had no clue where to begin. And then I stopped paying attention because a.d.d. is my middle name when I attempt organizing projects like this. Somehow, I looked back down and I was completing another row. Well great! Another thing to add to the craft room... I guess at some point I'll have to learn how to end a scarf...

Knitting- just like riding a bike. Only easier. Bikes and me, we don't get along.
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