I must be doing something right...

I'm writing this at 7 am after having to wake up and come into Pep Boys. I got maybe 6 hours of sleep (if I'm being generous) and yet I'm sitting here, waiting for my car, happy as can be! I will add, this is my Friday and I do have a hot date tonight with my ever handsome person so I'm sure that helps. Still I can't help but think this has alot to do with the whole idea "put good in, get good out."

This is an almost infallible truth of life across the board. As it fits now, I'm giving my body (aside from adequate sleep) all the good things it needs. In return, my body is working pretty much as well as I could wish! My weight is regulating itself and I just feel healthier. In a world that's full of Mickey D's every couple of blocks it isn't always easy to deny the fast food cravings. But just as good gives you good, that stuff will leave you sluggish and keep you lazily going back through the drive thru! It's a vicious cycle. I'm not saying it doesn't take a little extra effort at first to break from this trend and pack the healthy snacks and make meals, but it pays off. After just a few days of doing this, the routine is easier and I feel better for keeping it up.

Now I said this truth goes across the board because I've found the same is true at work. Though I'm lucky to have a job that I adore, doing what I love, every now and then I have a show that I'll start and just not be able to get the right energy for. I almost always think in these cases- "this audience is so low energy!" Funny how that infrequently happens when I'm hyped and good to go. As soon as I find that one child in the audience that reinvigorates me, the audience wakes up! What are the chances of that? Truth is, I'm putting my best into my performance and getting the best response back. It's magic!

As always, I'm not unreasonable and I could never assume from here on out I would only put good in regardless of the situation. But why not try? Just attempting to have a better mindset helps tremendously.

And with that, I shall humbly leave you with a gem of a cover shared with me by my friend Katie. It may be Monday in the real world, but it's my Friday!

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