It's all about new beginnings...

Almost a year after I started this, I'm back.

I've cleared everything I'd posted till now in an attempt to start with a clean slate. Who says you can't start over at 23? It's a strange middle ground, this early 20's. College aged students think I'm older than them and yet everyone in the real world still considers me an infant. I think I'll hold on to the baby status. It reminds me that there's still so much time to make my life what it should be and what it could be.

If anyone had approached me a year ago to tell me that my life would be as it is today... I actually couldn't tell you what my reaction would've been without sounding trite and ridiculous. So I won't. Just the same- here I am. So it's time to get back to what this blog was supposed to be about all along, highlighting the happy. There's so many tiny, happy things in life that make me smile regardless of how I feel that day. In an attempt to focus on those things, I'll just feature them in this blog. Many people may find blogs obnoxious and think they're just a form of searching for attention. To those people, I say- Bite me! :)

Today's serving of happiness- a stupid youtube video. Enjoy! Here's to you talking cat. Your clearly unhappy grumbling never fails to make me smile!

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